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    Top 22 Celebrity Victims Of Medical Malpractice

    The lives and careers of beloved entertainment and sports figures have been cut short as a result of medical negligence. Here are the top 22 tragic examples (each documented by a lawsuit and/or a medical board sanction).

    1. Julie Andrews

    The Film Magazine Ltd / Via

    A negligent throat procedure caused her permanent damage, ending the Oscar-winning actress’ singing career.

    2. Marty Balin

    Carl Lender / Via

    Jefferson Airplane’s co-founder and lead singer entered a hospital for heart problems and left with half a tongue, a paralyzed vocal cord and an amputated thumb, ending his career.

    3. Dana Carvey

    Reaction Gifs / Via

    The comedian’s negligent heart surgeon operated on the wrong artery, causing serious illness and long-term recovery.

    4. Glenn Frey

    Rolling Stone / Via

    The Eagles guitarist and co-founder died after numerous hospital mistakes surrounding his ulcerative colitis and other medical conditions.

    5. Maurice Gibb

    Marccessna / Via

    The Bee Gees’ star died after a Florida hospital failed to notice that his bowel and intestine were twisted.

    6. Pete Hamilton

    Skeensss / Via

    The Former NASCAR champion’s doctor left surgical equipment in his broken shoulder and committed other horrendous surgical errors, causing agonizing pain and multiple complications.

    7. Hulk Hogan

    WWE / Via

    A Florida clinic aggravated and worsened the wrestling legend's spinal conditions, sidelining his career for nearly two years.

    8. Michael Jackson

    beyondtheplanetsandthestars / Via

    The music icon died from a lethal dose of anesthesia administered by his doctor.

    9. Ed McMahon / Via

    A California hospital failed to diagnose the “Tonight Show” personality’s broken neck, necessitating two spine operations that caused excruciating pain.

    10. Marilyn Monroe

    Reaction Gifs / Via

    The Hollywood icon died from an overdose of deadly medications prescribed by her doctors.

    11. Bill Paxton

    Big Love / Via

    The actor died after high-risk, unconventional heart surgery caused multiple, untreated complications.

    12. Elvis Presley

    julia-nv / Via

    The "king of rock and roll" died from a lethal mixture of drugs overprescribed by his doctor.

    13. Prince

    All Prince All the Time / Via

    The music superstar died from a fentanyl overdose after health providers failed to properly diagnose and treat a prior opiate overdose.

    14. Freddie Prinze

    NBC Television / Via

    The comedian and “Chico and the Man” TV star committed suicide after doctors overprescribed quaaludes and returned a gun to him, which he used to shoot himself.

    15. Dennis Quaid (children)

    By PH2 Mark Cavanugh (US Navy) / Via

    The actor’s newborn twins received multiple lethal overdoses of medication in a hospital, causing them to bleed profusely while screaming in pain.

    16. John Ritter

    Reaction Gifs / Via

    After collapsing at work, the Emmy award-winning actor was misdiagnosed and improperly treated at a hospital, where he died.

    17. Geraldo Rivera

    By Mark Taylor from Rockville, USA / Via

    The TV personality’s foot was mangled following back surgery.

    18. Joan Rivers

    TV Land / Via

    The legendary comedian died at a New York endoscopy center after being subjected to numerous unauthorized and unsafe procedures.

    19. Matt Roberts

    _Meyer_ / Via

    The 3 Doors Down guitarist died after overdosing on drugs overprescribed by his doctor.

    20. Dick Schaap

    Disney ABC Television Group Archive / Via

    The legendary award-winning sports writer and broadcaster died after routine hip replacement surgery, when tests indicated the procedure would be too dangerous.

    21. Anna Nicole Smith

    Tools for Today / Via

    The model and TV personality overdosed on drugs illegally prescribed by her doctor.

    22. Andy Warhol

    Real Good Things / Via

    The prolific artist, director and producer died after gallbladder surgery when hospital personnel essentially drowned him with fluid.

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