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    Top 22 Celebrity Victims Of Medical Malpractice

    The lives and careers of beloved entertainment and sports figures have been cut short as a result of medical negligence. Here are the top 22 tragic examples (each documented by a lawsuit and/or a medical board sanction).

    1. Julie Andrews

    2. Marty Balin

    3. Dana Carvey

    4. Glenn Frey

    5. Maurice Gibb

    6. Pete Hamilton

    7. Hulk Hogan

    8. Michael Jackson

    9. Ed McMahon

    10. Marilyn Monroe

    11. Bill Paxton

    12. Elvis Presley

    13. Prince

    14. Freddie Prinze

    15. Dennis Quaid (children)

    16. John Ritter

    17. Geraldo Rivera

    18. Joan Rivers

    19. Matt Roberts

    20. Dick Schaap

    21. Anna Nicole Smith

    22. Andy Warhol