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    5 Ways To Spend Your Bitcoins This Black Friday / Cyber Monday

    You’re a nerd. You have a pile of Bitcoins. Bitcoins are worth more than the first spot in a Black Friday line (1 Bitcoin = something north of US$1,000 as of the time of this article) — making you a VERY rich nerd. Here are 5 ways to blow your BCs this Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

    1. Buy a Domain Name from Namecheap / Via

    Namecheap is one of the better domain registrars in the business of, well, selling domains. (If you need us to explain what that is, you might want to turn in your nerd card.) They just started reselling the popular .io gTLD — but even if you need a good old-fashioned .com, a .me or even a .xxx (we don’t judge, really), head over to

    2. Buy a MaxCDN account / Via

    MaxCDN is a content delivery network that accelerates your website. It offloads static assets to a caching server that’s located near your users — but you’re a nerd who knew that, right? But you didn’t know they’re offering 50% off all annual plans. Oh, and for you nouveau riche bitcoin types, they created a landing page just for you:

    3. Buy a Gift Card with Gyft

    Here’s the conundrum: it’s Black Friday. Or Cyber Monday. Do you keep your bitcoins in your digital wallet? Or get a Target gift card and buy that VIZIO 80” 1080p 240Hz M-Series Razor LED Smart TV? Yep, that’s what I thought. What’s the holidays without a little, er, 80” something for yourself?

    p.s. If Hanukkah Harry is reading this, I have been a good boy! =)

    4. Buy (or renew) a Reddit Gold Membership


    Everyone loves Reddit. But what makes it better? Reddit Gold. It’s a premium membership program that just makes Reddit better, like chocolate and peanut butter. It comes with extra features (such as turning off ads, comment notifications, subreddit filtering, and more) to make your experience more enjoyable. You also get special benefits from gold partners for exceptional products and services (Uber, BackBlaze, UPS and more). It’s like a AAA card for us über nerds.

    5. Buy Pizza with PizzaForCoins

    You might want to feed the world this Christmas, but not even the Winklevoss twins have enough Bitcoins for that. Just your face and the faces of some friends will have to do. PizzaForCoins is a website devoted to your hunger needs…but only if you’re in the mood for pizza. (But really, when isn’t a nerd in the mood for pizza?) Log on to the website, order a Domino’s pizza with bitcoins and receive said pizza at your doorstep. MIND = BLOWN.

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