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Return Of The Supernatural Misha Collins

CASTIEL IS BACK!!! hello fans, we have our pizza man! ..err, Angel :)

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On a weekend of competitive TV, the Friday night episode of Supernatural delivered the highly anticipated and much adored return of its ineffable angel – Castiel. Nevermind March Madness or spring time beckoning activities, fans flocked to this masterful reunion of fallen brothers. Network numbers may not reflect the viewership deluge, but tweets were abounding and the top trending GetGlue check-in was consistently Supernatural both Friday and Saturday nights. There were rival events including NCAA bracket madness and the Hunger Games opening weekend. However, Supernatural fan enthusiasm was overwhelmingly evident. Celebration mega cookies were made, the #WelcomeHomeMisha hashtag trended worldwide and future appearances of Misha Collins have been scheduled for the remaining of Season 7.

To further understand the pull of Supernatural, one simply needs to view the incomparable talents of the series actors. Also, the storyline of Dean’s struggle reflects the forged relationships that fans have grown to love. The loss of Castiel this season was truly a heart string tug. Unlike his brother Sam, the character Dean did not have college ties to cling to. He never held onto a friend who could relate to his transient and violent life. Yes, queue the sniffles. Here, the poignant return of bff Castiel (his only trusted war buddy other than Sam) was to become a heart wrenching bittersweet moment.

And of course, one liners were delivered as per usual zingers for the happy fans:

Dean: Who named you Emmanuel? / Castiel:

Meg: You’re an Angel. / Castiel: I’m sorry, is that a flirtation?

Additional info about the episode was jokingly revealed by producer Jim Michaels via Twitter:

@TheJimMichaels Nagging question: In last ep why did Dean go to the convenience store? Was he expecting a call from someone?

@Valerie613 it was convenient!

- Also by Jim Michaels, regarding the trenchcoat:

@Deanna_Roe Maybe Dean wanted to keep the scent of Castiel around to sniff from time to time! That's Y he didn't wash it - I don't know why!

Other hopeful character returns would be that of Jim Beaver as Bobby and Mark Sheppard as the King of Hell Crowley …fingers, angel wings, demon tails crossed.

Much of the beloved fervor for Castiel is due to the phenomena that is Misha Collins. Once a former White House intern, Misha’s pre on-screen working credits also include a job at NPR, lifeguard and EMT certification, construction, poetry... His brimming diversity and unique humor infinitely add to the Supernatural machine.

Recently, on March 26, Random Acts - founded by Misha Collins - was announced winner for the ‘Charity’ category of the Shorty Awards. Basically, Random Acts organize random acts of kindness. They traveled to Jacmel, Haiti to help the community rebuild after the earthquake and plan to return in June

Other Supernatural accomplishments (easily ample reasons for a Season 8 pick-up):

1. Received 2 People's Choice Awards on January 2012

>Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show - winning over True Blood and Fringe

>Favorite Network TV Drama - winning over House, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife and Vampire Diaries

2. Other notables: 2011 TV Guide Award for Favorite Sci-Fi Series and Favorite Actor - Jensen Ackles; listed in full-year 2011 Top 10 check-ins at GetGlue; a top CW show; an enormous hit with international syndication…

3. Charity: - see above …and

In lieu of baby gifts, Jared and Genevieve Padalecki suggested donations to St. Jude.

March 26, 2012: @jarpad WOW! Y'all raised $40,256 for @StJude !! Gen and I, as promised, have HAPPILY matched it :) y'all are truly amazing!

4. The Misha Minion-Effect @mishacollins: Upon his return as Castiel, 50K additional minion followers placed him well above 400K, a fan-base that was not only the impetus for Random Acts, it also enabled his Guinness World Record as fans participated in the largest multimedia scavenger hunt

5. Supernatural is supreme.

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Thanks to: @Chris_Tupelo, @angelswithguns, @vibratinggrape and @monica_falcon for some of the photographs.

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