• Don’t Miss The Expanse - NYCC 2016 Exclusive

    The insightful and collaborative cast of ‘The Expanse’ pose at New York ComicCon. Their upcoming SyFy season returns with a vengeance. If you haven’t tuned in, watch this impressive and intricate series, influenced by Ridley Scott and produced with a loving crew. Steven Strait worked on serious PTSD research for his Holden character and Dominique Tipper summons some boss strength when it comes to Naomi. The cinematography truly relays the grandeur of our galaxy, and next season, Mars! #nycc #Expanse #SyFy

  • Doctor Who Invades NYComicCon

    In a demonstration of uber fandom, cosplayers of Doctor Who took over an unsuspecting floor within the convention halls of NYCC. In the year of the show’s 50th anniversary, a larger and stronger force of Whovians seem to have grown from its recent years of viewership. Once spotted as a fledgling expression of costumed love for The Doctor, the characters have now come out in drones and imaginative display.

  • Superhero Surprise At NYComicCon

    In a Brooklyn bar frequented by Whovians and cosplayers, an influx of NY Comic Con attendees included Nick Fury and a Captain America. The Way Station, which houses a TARDIS restroom, is a much loved haven for fans of all things super powered, steampunk powered, Timelord powered…

  • Fashion Frenzy Unfurled

    During a week of runway madness, the city was reminded of its distinct rhythm and energetic talents. Among the large brands in Soho, venues on Elizabeth Street offered a treasure chest of gallery presentations and boutique greetings.

  • The Shiny in Comic-Con

    As the next Comic-Con approaches Austin TX in November (http://www.wizardworldcomiccon.com), we look to the recent NYC conference and some of their goodies galore. Exhibitors and Panels presented their best at NYCC, producing eye candy irresistible to the costumed masses. With an overload of childhood favorites and new release promos, many felt the tempting wane of their wallet. A Cultyard area brought innovative variations in design, artistry, new/resale products, tech, toys, etc. The selections were astounding. The plushie Vamplets, baby vampyres, had a grand gothic booth that easily drew onlookers. They exhibited a “cute & fun approach” to vampdom. A bit of exciting news is the pick up of their product line by Toys R’ Us. Their merchandise includes Vampets (such as zombie guinea pigs and rabid rabbits) with more expansion to come. Additionally, a book is in the making, written by the creator G-Ra. Gayle Middleton aka G-Ra was also a designer of The Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony. From plushie to plastic, we then find the Mimobots. Evan Blaustein (a toy collector like most in Mimoco) was once searching for a flash drive but was handed a TRON bearbrick (a designer collectible toy). The aesthetics of the bearbrick circuitry was similar to flash drive size and weight. Blaustein saw a market for the combination and wanted to turn the commodity product to a limited edition designer product. Mimoco opened their line to licenses with companies such as Star Wars, Hello Kitty and now Emily the Strange. Mimobot “took a utilitarian consumer electronic product and turned it into a limited edition collectible art piece. A Mimobot is a designer toy with a digital soul.” Further into NYCC, it was no surprise to see photo opportunities with the Batmobile and the ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean. Vader’s Fist, a costuming organization, was in also full gear and character. A popular vampire sighting was James Marsters at the autograph section. Ironically, Vampire Slayer, Eliza Dushku, was a few tables down from James. One notable comic series has plans for a feature film mentioned in the New Gen panel http://www.newgenuniverse.com. With Mark Hamill officially their Creative Consultant, New Gen continues its stellar development. The epic story is set in a dimension “hovering above New Jersey and New York City” with twin superheroes and an environment of nanotechnology. We all look forward to the many many gifts each comic-con has to offer.

  • Reflections of a ComicCon

    As the 2011 NYCC closed another October weekend, highlights of this unique convention fell to the costumed attendees. Many displayed superheroes of nostalgia, some were new faces in gaming, while others were comic favorites. One Bellatrix Lestrange was as enthusiastic in character as another whipped-ready cat woman. A notable observation was the minimal showing of the Trekkie masses. Perhaps they were consumed within the felt clad crowds. A set of female Vulcans escaped photography on the first day and a few uniformed Federation crew were just as fleeting. There was a large turn out of Star Wars rebels. As challenging as the Princess Leia costume can be, it was in popular display. October diets seem like a worthwhile effort when it comes to these slim tight outfits. If only Jabba was more mobile… While exhibits and panels were in plenty supply, some mega attractions deemed resistance as futile. The Mark Hamill Spotlight was a particular favorite. Hamill delivered his coveted stories and warm rapport with his audience. As a comic book fan himself, Mark expressed his delight with sharing his many insights. The presence of children was a wonderful reminder of the child within all the adults in attendance. Eventually, the Wonder Woman costume made its appearance. One woman wanted her daughter to take a photo with a real Wonder Woman and was thankful to have that opportunity before the conference ended. It would have been nice to have an invisible jet as a transport home. The Doctor Who booth featured Ian McNeice, their Dalek battling Winston Churchill. He informed his Whovian fans that his sign off “KBO” stands for Keep Buggering On. This mantra works in NYCC as there were world of worlds to visit.


    Thousands of Mark Hamill adoring fans poured into the MTV Theater at the Javits Center. Some waited hours in panels previous to his spotlight. Once his feature began seating, a rush of dedicated attendees made their way to the front. The videos shown are from a second row view, along with hand-held blur from sheer excitement. Mark Hamill entered to thunderous applause. He immediately referenced a story about genealogy and the wonderful aspects about knowing your roots …”except when it’s dadVader.” The audience cheered wildly and sat in constant anticipation of his many anecdotes. His topics ranged from his work on the Joker, Jay and Silent Bob, Star Wars …video games where he crashes an X-Wing from take off. He joked about failing Star Wars trivia and, at one point, was immediately corrected by a nearby girl (you will hear in the video) regarding a Cantina creature. A project that Mark is strongly tied to is the film adaptation of The Black Pearl. It is a comic book limited series created by Mark Hamill, published by Dark Horse Comics in 1996. Mark hopes that the rallying of his dedicated fans will help promote the anticipated production of The Black Pearl. As the well beloved Jedi shared his amusing tales, fans were hanging onto every second of his appearance. At the exit, a girl exclaimed how much she’s had a lifelong crush on the man. Row upon row, people had personal stories of their Mark Hamill experience. It’s evident how timeless his influential mark remains in our not so far away world.

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