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    • JD1991

      So you’re basing how hard it to gain admissions to a university and how good a school is based on the common sense of the students? Just because a person may lack common sense (a very loose term based on your upbringing) doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent. My freshman year roommate lacked common sense in all terms of the word. He was rude, disrespectful, had no manners, didn’t understand slang, sarcasm, couldn’t process anything not academically related, and just about anything else you could think of. But while he lacked “common sense” the guy was a genius who double majored (one degree in Bio-E) and graduated in 3 years with a 4.0 Gpa. There are some students who probably shouldn’t have gotten into Ucsd but that’s true about most universities. But to base intellect on common sense isn’t a common sense thing to do. As far as the quarter/semester system goes, that’s your opinion and whoever you may have spoken too. Just because the top UC is on semester doesn’t make it the right system to use. Merced uses the semester system, would you rank it above institutions like Ucsd or Ucla? Unlikely. Each system has it’s own merits and just because some students may be dissatisfied w/ one system doesn’t make it any worse. It just means the system is not for a particular type of student.

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