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11 Dates That Are Better With Your Girlfriends

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1. Cooking Classes

Normally: An informative time spent honing your culinary skills.

With your girlfriends: The most delicious dinner you've ever created together, new ingredients, fresh ideas, and the best ingredients of all... laughter and friendship!

3. The Movies


Normally: Endless amounts of kids' movies with your children or action movies with your significant other.

With your girlfriends: Finally, that romantic comedy you've been waiting for that you can both laugh and cry to in the company of real friends.

4. Going to a Museum

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Normally: A long, leisurely, yet informative walk with a nice view.

With your girlfriends: A place where you and your friends can really appreciate the beauty of things past and present.

8. Pedicures


Normally: A time where you try to gauge how much you should talk to your pedicurist.

With your girlfriends: A chance to bond and solve all the problems of the world while getting the best foot massage ever (aka heaven).

9. Wine Tasting

Normally: A small sample at the grocery store as you rush by.

With your girlfriends: A chance to expand your palate and experience international flavors while relaxing with great conversation and laughter among friends.

11. And (of course) Brunch


Normally: A meal that combines breakfast and lunch.

With your girlfriends: A meal that combines breakfast and lunch with the all-important additions of friendship, laughter, and — most of all — mimosas!