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13 Things Your Boobs Would Say If They Could Talk

It’s time to get some things off your chest… Just remember, when it comes to the bare necessities, Ambrielle bras always have you covered.

1. “Let us out!!!”


Uncage those puppies after a long day.

2. “Is it cold in here?”

3. “No one cares about me.” -the left one

4. “We could use a little support down here.”

"Because things are getting a little... droopy."

5. "We're really going to grow some day." -hopeful little ones

6. “Why does it feel so breezy in here? Oh. Oh no. NO. WE'VE BEEN EXPOSED.”

7. “Ow. Ow. Stop pinching me!” (to the underwire)

8. "Hey buddy, her eyes are up there!" -the shy ones

9. “Hold on, things are about to get bumpy.”

When you go off-roading, run down a flight of stairs, do jumping jacks, etc.

10. “Oh girl, we look good in this shirt.”

11. “No! PLEASE NOT THE SPORTS BRA.” -the squished ones

Can't. Breathe.

12. “Don’t you hate being called ‘melons?'”

13. “Let’s show the world what we’re made of!!” -the proud ones

End your brablems with Ambrielle.