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Ranking The Ten Seasons Of FRIENDS

Now, it is pretty clear that FRIENDS was the best show to ever appear on television, right? Right. Glad we are all in agreement. Now, as a huge FRIENDS-fan, it was so hard to rank the seasons from best to well, less best, but I am just that bored on a Sunday afternoon. Check out my ranking of the worlds best series, and if you agree, let me know in the comments! And if you disagree...just, dont. Okay?

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10. Season Seven

There has to be a least best right? I chose Season 7, mainly because I feel this whole season was "fluff", waiting for the big climax of Monica and Chandler's wedding. Sure there were some good episodes, but not enough to make this season memorable. Also, this is the season where Chandler decided to lost 40lbs and get glasses.

Favorite Episode: The One With Phoebe's Cookies

9. Season One

I didn't want this season to be so high on the list, but it has so much competition. The first season was great, because it introduced us to the best six friends we could ever have, but aside from the strong character development, this whole season was very shaky, trying to find the show's niche.

Favorite Episode: The Pilot

8. Season Nine

Another season full of fluff, waiting to get to the last and final season. The other thing I didn't necessarily like about season nine is that there seemed to be a different guest star every episode. Guest stars are great, in small doses. But this season had everyone, from Freddie Prinz, Jr. to Selma Blair to John Lovitz and Christina Applegate. The episodes with just the main six are always way better than any guest appearance.

Favorite Episode: The One With the Lottery

7. Season Ten

This season was bittersweet for everyone, I'm sure. It was winding down, trying to tie up all the loose ends of the main characters while still writing new, interesting, and fun content. But, there still were some great gems in the shows final season.

Favorite Episode: The Last One (Clearly)

6. Season Eight

Season Eight was sandwiched between 2 seasons of fluff, so thankfully this one gave the audience some great story lines. From Monica and Chandlers first year as a married couple to Ross and Rachel having a baby together. This was a great series to really start mapping out the rest of Phoebe, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica and Chandler's lives.

Favorite Episode: The One With the Videotape

5. Season Five

This season was so much fun for the audience, because it is when Monica and Chandler and trying to keep their romance a secret, and they don't know that we know they know we know. There are also just way too many gems packed in season 5, from The One With the Ball to the One in Vegas.

Favorite Episode: The One Where Everybody Finds Out

4. Season Two

Season 2 is great for so many things. It wasn't as awkward or introductory like the first season, and this is the season where Ross and Rachel got together! A story line carried out for the rest of the show!

Favorite Episode: The One With the Prom Video

3. Season Six

Ahhhhhh I love Season 6! So many of my favorite episodes are from this season - The One With the Apothecary Table, The One With the Routine, and of course The One That Could've Been. The writing on this season was exceptional and all 24 episodes are truly hilarious.

Favorite Episode: The One Where Ross Got High

2. Season Three

I sat here for a long time (ok, 4 minutes) trying to decide what my all time favorite season would be. It's such a hard choice, because, they are all amazing. I put Season 3 in the #2 spot as the runner up because it (like the winner) is amazingly creative and funny!

Favorite Episode: The One Where No One's Ready

1. Season Four

Well, clearly one season had to be #1! I just love love love Season 4. And I don't really know why! I think this is the first season I started watching (or was allowed to watch) and after all this time, the first feeling of watching these six friends lives in NYC has stayed with me.

Favorite Episode: The One With the Embryo's

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