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  • 11 Ways To Leave Your Mark On The World

    Life is an adventure! Whether you are a senior in high school, a freshmen in college, or a recent graduate in search of your dream job (they exist, I promise), you are getting ready for one hell of a journey, and [BACKPACK BRAND] is there to support you and help you leave your mark. Here are 11 ways you can – and should – create the world you want to see through love, exploration, and adventure.

  • Movies Around Manhattan

    One of the best parts of living in NYC during the summer are all of the free outdoor movie screenings that take place. This summer is no different, with an excellent selection of blockbusters, family favorites, cult classics and indie flicks. Pack up some snacks, grab a blanket or a low chair, and head out to watch some of your favorite movies outdoors overlooking staples of the city like the Manhattan skyline, Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge, the Intrepid and more. Here is just a sample of the movies being shown this summer!

  • Ranking All Of Taylor Swift’s Songs

    Taylor Swift is one of today’s most brilliant and versatile song-writers. Sure, she may not be the best dancer, but where she lacks in rhythm, she makes up for with her passionate and relatable lyrics. You don’t have to be a thirteen year old girl to understand the power of her songs. I’m 27 and I can relate (awkward) I sat down one Friday night, opened up a bottle of red wine, and decided to rank all of Taylor’s songs from good to great to amazing to the best. (Wow reading that sentence back reallllllly makes me hate my life.) I hope you enjoy - Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments! Let the countdown begin!

  • Ranking The Ten Seasons Of FRIENDS

    Now, it is pretty clear that FRIENDS was the best show to ever appear on television, right? Right. Glad we are all in agreement. Now, as a huge FRIENDS-fan, it was so hard to rank the seasons from best to well, less best, but I am just that bored on a Sunday afternoon. Check out my ranking of the worlds best series, and if you agree, let me know in the comments! And if you disagree…just, dont. Okay?

  • 10 Reasons Why Home Alone 2 Is Way Better Than The Original

    It is very rare in the movie business for sequels to be better than the original. I mean, don’t even get me started on The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas. But some sequels have surpassed their original, such as The Godfather , Scream , and Back to the Future. The top of the list though, is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Here are 10 reasons (I could have listed 50, but I don’t have the time)* of why HA2 is way better than the original. *I have the time, I’m just lazy.

  • Ranking Of The Best Friends Thanksgiving Episodes

    The television phenomenon that was “Friends” truly helped put the Thanksgiving holiday on the map. Sure, the pilgrims, Indians, and Macy’s tried. But “Friends” found a niche early on and ran with it, making their Thanksgiving episodes hilarious, memorable, and now, a tradition. Here is a ranking of the best Thanksgiving episodes from the iconic sitcom.

  • The 10 Reasons FRIENDS Is The Best Show Ever

    Remember Thursday nights when we would cancel plans to rush home and hangout for a half hour with our real friends? This show defined a life time and proved to be the best show ever on television. Here are the reasons why. TRY to disagree with me.

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