18 Sexual Celebrity Arms

limited to celebrities’ biceps that i am aware of, obviously.

1. Hugh Jackman

couldn’t even tell you what “Australia” was about

2. Chris Hemsworth

i would be lying if i said i didn’t mistype “chris” with “christ”

3. Christian Bale

well there was a “t” in there anyway

4. Sean Connery

when men had body hair and small bathing suits

5. Charlie Hunnam

bottle of booze is added bonus

6. Adam Levine

oh, to be that microphone

7. Nelly

i have nothing remotely appropriate to say

8. Ryan Lotche

you beautiful, confused man

9. Joe Manganiello

i had zero trouble finding a shirtless picture of you. thank you.

10. Cameron Diaz

what a dime

11. Eric Dane

i’d be smiling too if i were that bowl

12. Daniel Craig

maybe the suit is just a james bond thing

13. Alexander Skarsgård

may have watched an episode or two of “True Blood” in my day

14. Paul Walker

i miss you

15. Heath Ledger

while i’m at it…

16. Seann William Scott

even if you’re a little misguided as to how to spell your name

17. Gerard Butler

making hair-vests trendy again

18. And Hugh Jackman

again. sorry. i love you.

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