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Which Roommate Are You In Spruce 106?

The finest quad in all of Lewis and Clark College.

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  1. You have an essay due in three days. You... it out over the next three days evenly to avoid stress and actually stick to it. it out over the next three days evenly to avoid stress and more or less stick to that plan. Netflix until the day before the paper is due to start. youtube videos until three hours before the paper is due to start.
  2. What are you most likely to do in your free time?

    Hang out with Dawn, Mist, and Laryngitis.
    Go out to a bookstore or cafe by yourself and sit thoughtfully drinking tea or lavender latte thinking about how hauntings work.
    Watch youtube videos of korean artists or vlogs while doing your eyebrows.
    Knit and read/buy more books. So many books. Drown in books.
  3. If you got to choose, how would you want to die?

    Being arched in broad daylight. Just waiting for the bus and BAM arrow to the chest, like who's arching me right now??
    Laugh so hard you choke or your own tongue or have a stroke. Whichever comes first.
    Heroically, but ideally not painfully because you're a pussy when it comes to pain.
    Being swarmed by pigeons and suffocating. I want their orange beady eyes to be the last thing I see.
  4. I am...

    ...the cleanest. EVERYTHING HAS TO BE IN IT'S PLACE.
    ...pretty damn clean but not compulsive about it like SOME people.
    ...mildly messy, but I clean it up most of the time.
    ...the messiest. Don't look at my desk and/or closet.
  5. What's the thing you say too much?

    Here's the thing....
    I'm wildly uncomfortable.
  6. If I've got my headphones in, I'm most likely listening to...

    The 1975.
    Death Cab for Cutie.
    Sam Smith.
  7. The last book you finished read...

    IT by Stephen King.
    Everything's Eventually by Stephen King.
    Demain by Hermann Hesse.
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey.
  8. The last thing I binge watched was...

    Ripper Street.
    Penny Dreadful.
    Stranger Things.
  9. The subject I hate most currently is...

    Ehhh... I don't know.
    Exploration and Discovery. Screw you Susan.
    Spanish. 'Cmon Cecilia.
    Rhetoric and Media Studies. Suck my ass Brian.
  10. If you were given 1 million dollars you would...

    SAVE (most of) IT. Plan a trip or buy a ball gown. I don't know something extravagant.
    Travel Asia. My money and make a comfy life for my mom.
    Travel Europe.
    Fly home to see my cats, buy some clothes, then save.
  11. What are you wearing RIGHT NOW.

    A primary color.
    Leggings or a cute blouse.
    A darkly colored cardigan.
  12. What is your greatest food vice?

    Eggo Waffles & Cheetos.
    Pumpkin Bagels.
    Hot Fries & Red Bull.
  13. If you could be anything what would it be?

    A Dancer.
    BTS make-up artist.
    A wealthy ass person who has like a thousand libraries and cool houses.
    A fairy.
  14. A person hits on you and you're not into it so you...

    ...ignore it.
    ...get kind of aggressive, maybe too aggressive, talk about how much pepper spray you own.
    ...pretend like they're not there.
  15. A person hits on you and you're into it so you...

    ...get king of awkward in an okay way.
    ...get really subliminally flirty.
    ...remember that love isn't real and that everyone dies anyway consequently pushing said person away.
  16. How much sleep do you get?

    9 hours every night.
    8 hours every night.
    7 hours every night.
    3 hours every night.
  17. The apocalypse has started! You have 1 hour to do something before you die, what is it?

    Make sure everyone I love knows I love them.
    Swim with sharks.
    Eat so much ice cream. Break into Salt and Straw with a ladle and just fuckin' shove ice cream into my mouth.
    Hold my cats while singing "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" by Death Cab for Cutie.
  18. What's your latest Halloween costume?

    Magenta from Blue's Clues.
    A cute black cat.
    A vampire.
    An incredibly intricate and well-thought out mash of Georgie and Pennywise from the most recent IT.
  19. Ideal pet name?

  20. At a big house party you can be found...

    ...In the kitchen. Not eating, just in the kitchen.
    ...on the floor.
    ...playing beer pong.
    ...criticizing the way that people are playing beer pong and requesting the worst songs for a party.

Which Roommate Are You In Spruce 106?

You got: Jack

You are small and angry most of the time unless it involves cats, knitting, Satan, vampires, or Jennifer's body.............................................................................................................................................also Al Gore.

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You got: Kenna

You are stoic, wise, (Dumbledore basically), and quiet until something morbid pops into your head and you have to whisper it really creepily. Also Lavender Lattes

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You got: Alexandra

Heee-lo. NOT A NARP. X-country. Funny, carefree, Dustin from Stranger things, you know just vegan mom sweater vibes. PAPA.

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You got: Ella

So here's the thing, Jimin is your Bias, you're CRAZY good at art and makeup. You have a tendency to procrastinate and end up sleeping on couches in common rooms but ya know all in a days work.

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