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50 Reasons To Come To Chicago Improv Festival 2015

Improv In Every Direction!

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1. See an improv show at all 14 venues throughout Chicago

2. See performers from 10 different countries

3. There are over 150 acts

4. The improv variety - there are 8 categories to choose from

5. Check out the brand new shiny Under the Gun Theater, founded by Kevin Mullaney, Chicago Improv Festival Artistic Director

6. Check out the new Annoyance Theatre & Bar space

7. Check out the new iO Chicago space

8. Watch a long form improv show

9. Watch a short form improv show

10. Watch a musical improv show

11. Watch a genre improv show

12. Watch an experimental improv show

13. Watch a dramatic improv show

14. Watch an emerging artist improv show

15. See an improv group from a different country

16. Party with your favorite improv peeps at the after parties

17. Support your favorite improv group

18. Discover a new favorite improv group

19. Sharpen those improv chops by signing up for one (or more) of the 12 workshops

20. To see why the festival has been around for 18 years

21. To run into your improv teacher & suck up

22. To see a friend/co-worker/significant other/stranger perform

23. To see a one of a kind show that will never be seen anywhere else in the world ever again

24. To meet your soulmate(s)

25. For the photo opts

26. To see some of the best improvisers in the world

27. To watch invisible objects open, close, ring, speak, burn, maim, and kill in a safe, clean environment

28. To laugh a lot!

29. To laugh and cry

30. Your mom told us she wants you to come

31. To watch the next actor BEFORE they make SNL

32. To hope that those improvisers sing a song about your best friend and embarrass the heck out of them

33. To see if the improv performed has anything to do with the team names

34. To be a supportive audience member

35. To see what color the wristbands are this year

36. To shout out suggestions (preferrably something more exciting than banana)

37. To use your imagination

38. To see the amazing Katydids one last time before the premiere of their new show Teachers

39. To see the awesomely talented ladies of the Wild Horses

40. To see the very funny Sasheer Zamata from SNL along with Phil Augusta Jackson comedian & writer for Key & Peele

41. To see the smart guys from Trainwreck, Dan Bakkendal & Ed Furman (dude go check out the resumes on these guys)

42. To see the brilliant ladies of Joan and Ro who you may know as Katie Rich, a writer for SNL & Second City mainstage alumni, & Holly Laurent, writer, actress & Second City mainstage alumni

43. To see the awesomely fantastic Chicago natives Rob Belushi & Jon Barinholtz in their popular improv group Sheldon

44. To see the incomprobable Jeffery Sweet one man show You Only Shoot the Ones You Love

45. To make new friends

46. To see all the groups in Open Stage

47. To accept the challenge

48. To have fun!

49. To be apart of the largest improv festival in the world

50. To understand why Chicago is the center of the comedy universe!

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