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    13 Reasons Why Erin Condren Runs The Planner Business

    Because nothing feels better than being organized -- and Erin Condren knows it.

    1. Because EC personalizes...


    It's official, everyone knows this little beauty is yours. They also know that you have your life together.

    2. Because the stickers... / Via

    Who doesn't love stickers?

    3. Because the laminated tabs... / Via

    Nothing makes you more nuts than crinkled tabs but EC got us covered! Now, you don’t have to worry about the tabs bending and/or ripping off while in your bag!

    4. Because the cover is laminated, too... / Via

    This bad boy won't rip off like all your old school notebooks and paper planners did!

    5. Because they are THE cutest designs... / Via

    Enough said.

    More designs can be found here!

    6. Because it splits your day into morning, afternoon and evening...

    7. Because there is a "goals" section... / Via

    EC knows how obsessive we are. She knows we love to set goals because that’s just how we get by. She even knows how glorious that feeling of crossing it off once it’s been achieved feels.

    8. The built-in bag... / Via

    You'll never lose anything because all of your important notes and business cards are all in a safe place!

    9. Because the built-in folder... / Via

    No. Crinkled. Paper.

    10. Because the birthday list... / Via

    You'll never have to forget a birthday!

    11. Because the quotes are just TOO good...

    12. Because of this video...

    View this video on YouTube


    You know you wanted a EC planner the moment you watched this video. It made life look so simple and so organized. It also helped justify paying $50 for the planner.

    13. Because of all the add-ons... / Via

    Because we love options on options on options.

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