Butts Of The 2013 Adult Entertainment Expo

MurderMotels.com spent some time taking photos of butts at the 2013 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. Here are a few.

jbrylah • 5 years ago

Ten Absolutely Gross Things Found In Motels

The fine people at MurderMotels.com enjoy road trips through bizarre Americana. This includes the budget no-tell motels, where disgusting things abound.

jbrylah • 5 years ago

13 Most Racist Things At The Jim Crow Museum Of Racist Memorabilia

Prepare to be disgusted. The newly renovated Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI houses a collection of racist memorabilia meant to spark dialog and create awareness in regards to the history of racism and how it influences culture today. Here are the 15 most racist things we found in the museum.

jbrylah • 6 years ago