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Let's Target Those Triceps

This post will teach those who are struggling to grow those triceps how to do it more efficiently.

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Let's Build Bigger Arms

I often get the question, "what do you do for triceps?" or "How did your triceps get so big?" Well let me tell you guys, it didn't happen overnight. The triceps are a smaller muscle and recover a lot quicker than people realize. In order to properly grow those triceps you need to be training them two times a week. Two to three days between hitting triceps is all you need for them to recover. That doesn't mean train chest and shoulders during those two days because both of those workouts involve elbow extension. In easier terms, that means your working those tris all three days.

The triceps are made up of three heads; the lateral, medial, and long head. The long head attaches above the shoulder joint. Working the long head is important because that's where you're going to see the growth. Now that doesn't mean you should neglect the lateral and medial though. Whenever you're training triceps, make sure you do at least two workouts that really focus the long head. The long head can be focused by doing overhead movements, my personal favorite is seated overhead dumbbell extensions. I attached a picture below to show those who aren't familiar with the terminology. You can also do single arm dumbbell overhead extensions and use the rope attachment the same way. When performing these exercises you should aim for failure at eight reps, and make sure you KEEP YOUR ELBOWS IN. I often see people performing this exercise with bad form, an form is the most important thing while training. Now that you guys know a little more about the triceps, get in the gym and grow those arms!

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