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Bench Press 101

This post will teach beginners and maybe even intermediate lifters how to properly bench press.

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Most beginner weight trainers have a very foggy view on how to properly bench press. I was actually one of these people. When I first started weight training, it was in high school so I learned a lot of my form through high school kids with a big ego. What I seem to notice is a lot of beginners just lie flat on the bench and bring the bar all the way down to their chest almost as if their slamming it off of it. In reality this is wrong for two reasons, one if you continue to do that, the higher you get in weight the harder it's going to be on your shoulders until you eventually tear your rotator cuff. The other reason is because bringing your elbows down that far can be detrimental to your elbows causing a tear or sprain.

The correct way to bench press is actually very easy but if you've already developed a bad habit with the wrong form, it will be hard to fix, I know from personal experience. When you lie down on the bench you want to squeeze your shoulder blades and lift your chest, there will a small arch in your back. Your eyes should be parallel with the bar too. There will be little rings on the bar that you want to put your pinkies on, if your taller you can adjust for size. I'm 6'4" and I put my middle fingers on the rings. Lastly you want to make sure when your lowering the weight you don't slam it off you chest. You want to come down until your arms are at 90 degrees and go back up. Not only does this protect you from tearing anything, it actually makes your chest muscles work harder because of the resistance you put on by stopping. Bench press is one of the best ways to build the chest muscle and a staple in all chest days. I will attach a picture below so you can see how it should look. Now go out there and smash a chest day guys.


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