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7 Movies Starring SNL Cast Members You Can Watch On Netflix

Now you have plans to Netflix all weekend.

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1. Kristen Wiig — Girl Most Likely

Lionsgate / Via

In this indie movie, Kristen moves away from her comic roots to explore deeper emotions. Though her character wrestles with serious subjects like meeting her father, Kristen intersperses plenty of humor to keep the film from being too dark.

2. Andy Samberg — Hot Rod

Paramount Pictures / Via

Andy Samberg tends to stick to portraying immature characters and this movie is no exception. His obsession with trying to jump his motorcycle over 15 buses creates a rich field for physical humor and his infatuation with impressing a girl is charmingly funny. (This movie gets bonus points for also including SNL superstar Bill Hader.)

3. Bill Hader — Adventureland / Via

Speaking of Bill Hader, he and Kristen Wiig both star in Adventureland, the story of a dysfunctional family unit formed by the employees of a dilapidated amusement park. While Hader and Wiig play ancillary roles, they produce hilarious dialogue and characterizations.

4. Fred Armisen — Portlandia

IFC / Via

Technically not a movie, but while this TV show may be more mainstream than some of the movies on this list, the subject matter on Portlandia is anything but. This satirical hipster show puts a humorous spin on the stereotypical Portland native, with many of its hilarious lines delivered in a perfect deadpan.

5. Kenan Thompson — Good Burger

Paramount Pictures / Via

Younger fans of SNL may not realize this, but Thompson really became famous through some of his earlier work with Kel Mitchell. In this 1997 Nickelodeon movie, Thompson and Mitchel play two not-so-bright high school students working at a fast food restaurant.

6. Dana Carvey and Mike Myers — Wayne's World

Paramount Pictures / Via

This movie may be old, but the fact that it's a spin-off of a killer SNL skit proves that it is sure to provide some good laughs. The no-budget cable access program in the movie is ripe for comic opportunity.

7. Will Ferrell — Casa de Mi Padre

Pantelion Films / Via

You can't go wrong with a Will Ferrell movie, and this little-known film certainly doesn't disappoint. Ferrell plays a Spanish speaking cowboy and, as you can imagine, is brilliantly funny.

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