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How You Know You Grew Up Cuban

It's mostly about the incredible comida...

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1. Your mami bathed you in this stuff / Via

You were doused in Royal Violets from literal infancy because the company's motto was being safe for babies. And all babies need cologne obviously.

2. You know there's nothing better than hot tostónes

You always got disappointed when you thought the second fry was done but it was only the first fry.

3. Your abuela kept prayer books above the toilet / Via

...or sometimes People magazine en Español, depending on your family.

4. You probably heard "you don't LOOK Cuban" / Via

Cubans have literally every skin tone that exists. There is no "real" way to look Cuban.

5. No meal was complete without a Malta

Instagram: @queen_deyanira_

You always told your non-Cuban friends that it was a beer, even though it's not alcoholic.

6. Everyone shares their opinions on US/Cuba relations

Instagram: @thesol13

People find out that you're Cuban, then ask when you'll visit now that it's legal.

7. There were ALWAYS fríjoles

Instagram: @lacubanaboo

Your mami probably fed you pureed congrí before you could chew.

8. The more guayabera pockets, the better

Your papi owned at LEAST ten of these, all in pastel colors.

9. Buena Vista Social Club makes you have to dance

Instagram: @bbkingbluesnyc

El Carretero is STILL your jam!

10. Long distance calls

Instagram: @helen

If you still had family back in Cuba, your parents would make you tell each individual person all about school and whether you had a novio or novia.

11. Cookie/sewing tins

Instagram: @cheezietoast

It was a true miracle when the cookie tins actually had--you know, cookies.

12. This man.

Instagram: @alexxander1

Sabado Gigante was all your parents wanted to watch on TV.

13. Dulce de Leche in a can

Instagram: @en5comemos

Cracking open a can of dulce de leche was cause for celebration. Especially if you spread it on Ritz crackers for that salty/sweet combo.

14. Instant connection with other Cubans

Instagram: @luisferguerra3

Lastly, you knew that no matter what, any other Cuban you met would probably get you. It really is like belonging to one huge family.

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