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14 Things That Happen When A Homeschooler Goes To College

Yes, (most of us) know how to read.

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1. You realize that there are way more people on this planet than you realized.

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2. You immediately become thrilled at the possibility of all of these new friends.

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3. You meet someone in your orientation group.

4. You are positive that this person will be your BFF until you die.

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5. Your new friend asks you what high school you went to.

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6. You try to hide the fact that you were homeschooled.

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7. You meet another homeschooler and share a connection like no other.

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8. You finally own up to your homeschool roots.

9. Surprisingly, most people are just jealous of the freedom you had in high school.

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10. You admit that you did not wear pants every day.

11. And that you had stores and theme parks all to yourself during the school day.

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12. And you didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn.

13. But you mostly did homework just like everybody else.

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14. You now feel confident enough to wear your homeschool-ness with pride!

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