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    • quizme323

      This Is Us! For two reasons: Randall, and his anxiety/perfectionism in season one. His breakdown scene was so moving. And it goes to show that just because you have a perfect life on the outside doesn’t mean you feel perfect on the inside. And then this season with Kevin. I don’t know much about addiction but I think that it touched on an important point: that anyone can get addicted to opioids and how easy it can be to get them legally from a doctor, and how that’s a HUGE problem. I thought it did a really good of job of showing the cause of addiction (getting injured and getting a legal prescription), the root problem behind it (pain from his fathers death), and the effects it can have on your relationship with other people and yourself. And the fact that it can be a hidden disease, since no one in his family has noticed yet.

    • quizme323

      I remember this moment clear as day, it was traumatizing. I was five years old and getting a ride home from a neighbor. My neighbors were very religious and did not celebrate Christmas. I mentioned something about the holiday, and she looked at me sternly in her rear view mirror and says, “You know Santa’ not real, right?” No. No I did not know that. My eyes instantly welled up with tears and I ran home to my mom, who sadly had to confirm what I already knew. My mom was SO pissed and neither of us have forgiven that neighbor to this day. I feel cheated out of my prime Santa years, I only got 4 years of believing!

    • quizme323

      It was the day before I had to move apartments. If you live in Boston, you know the hell that is move in day. Worst day of the year because of all the students living in the city and all the leases starting on the same day. My parents were in town to help me move and I texted my boyfriend of one year to see if he wanted to join us for dinner that night. He said no, which was odd, and didn’t give a reason besides “We should talk.” I told him to tell me. So he called me and broke up with me completely out of the blue. He did not give me a reason even though we had talked about marriage and planned out our kids’ names. I was devastated. I felt like I had been hit by a train. I was crying in front of my parents, my roommates parents and extended family during the whole move. My family had to do basically everything for me because I was so upset. One of my best friends came over to cheer me up a week later with another girl who I was friends with - but not super close with - and had met through my ex . I was a little confused why she was coming over but happy to have the company. I was even more confused when she gifted me a clearly used flask. Thanks? She asked me if I knew why he broke-up with me and I shook my head no. I still remember the look of pity she gave me as she sat across from me on my bed. 3 years later I found out through a friend that he had cheated on me with that girl that had come over to “cheer me up” and gave me that stupid flask. I’m not sure who was more slimy in this situation, him or her. It would have been better if he had just told me in the first place that he was breaking up with me because he cheated on me…instead of leaving me wondering for months what went wrong. And it would have been better if she had never came over trying to clear her guilty conscience and to see if I had known anything about their hook-up. Good news is now I’m in a much more mature and stable relationship and very happy. But my ex still tries to message me on Facebook! Boys, they always come running back…

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