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These "Would You Rather" Questions Will Reveal Your Favorite Aussie Snack

Non-Australians are encouraged to participate. You never know when you'll end up hungry and in Australia.

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Would you rather be 10 minutes early to everyting, or 20 minutes late to everything?
Would you rather be able to "read" an entire book just by touching it, or be able to speak to animals?
Would you rather shower in coffee everyday or bath in gravy once a week?
Would you rather lick...
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Would you rather break an arm or a leg?
Would you rather start over at age five with all your current knowledge, or learn all your future knowledge and go from here?
Would you rather have unlimited first class flights for life or never pay for food at restaurants ever again?
Would you rather be forced to dance or sing along to every song you heard no matter where you were?
Would you rather be frozen in place when it's raining, or unable to stop moving at all when it's sunny?
Would you rather your skin changes color depending on your mood, or that you have new tattoos each day detailing what you did the day before?
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