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The Cast Of "The Avengers" Hilariously Tried To Guess Each Other's Biceps

Bicep game: Strong

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The cast of The Avengers recently sat down with MTV's Josh Horowitz to play a game of "Whose Bicep Is It Anyway?" / Via Instagram

They started off strong with Captain America's guns.

Via Tumblr

Then things got a lil' cheeky with Black Widow's toned arms.

Via Tumblr

And everyone wanted to lay claim to these ironclad muscles...

Via Tumblr

...and nobody, not even Thor himself, could identify those hammer-wielding muscles.

Via Tumblr

But everyone immediately identified Bruce Banner's hairy arms and purple tee.

Via Tumblr

Avengers = Muscles on muscles on muscles.

View this video on YouTube / Via Youtube
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