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We Tried Lauren Conrad's New Size-Inclusive Clothing Line

Nobody should have to worry about finding cute clothes in their size. Way to go, LC!

Lauren Conrad, Queen of prep and former star of MTV's The Hills, launched a new clothing line this year exclusively at Kohl's.

Watch our beauty experts try on the clothing line here!

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So here's the deal: Women of various shapes and sizes tried on LC's new threads to see if the clothes were really, truly size inclusive.

First up were Lindsay and Jazzmyne who modeled the same outfit in their respective sizes. Oooh-la-la!

And despite being different sizes, having different skin tones, hair, and aesthetics, both ladies absoutely ROCKED the outfits.

The next pair to play dress-up was Chrissy and Bianca, who tried on the same long floral maxi dress in their sizes.

For Chrissy, affordability and size inclusivity are two of the most important things in a clothing line and LC nailed both of those.

What Bianca thought was cool about this dress was that two people with completely different styles were totally able to make it their own.

Let's move on to the lovely Maya and Sheridon, who tried on the very same dress in the very same size.

The dress ended up looking a tiny bit big on Maya, but it wasn't too noticeable and she still looked amazing!

Another win for LC's new size-inclusive line!

Moving right along to Cissy and Kelsey who have completely different body types and are going to model a long dress.

Surprise! Despite the height difference, the dress ended up looking perfectly long on both of them.

Just look how great they both looked in this cute dress with the sheer bottom!

Way to go LC! You nailed it. Now if other designers could offer this type of size inclusivity, the world of fashion would be a much better place.

Check out the full LC Lauren Conrad collection here.