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    Here's Some Fab Ideas For How To Style Your Natural Hair For Prom

    Show off that natural hair like the fierce woman you are.

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    BuzzFeed Top Knot and Sarah D Beauty are here to give you some gorgeous style ideas for your natural hair that you can rock to Prom or really any occasion.

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    One Last Time

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    *Start by prepping your hair with your oil of choice.

    *Take a section above the ear to create a side part and brush with soft boar bristle brush gently to smooth section. Secure with bobby pins in a cross pattern.

    *Take a smaller section above your opposite ear and bring to back, crossing over previous sections, and secure with bobby pins.

    *To finish, use a pic if more volume is desired in your fringe area. If desired, lay down your edges at the end, and use oil to smooth any unwanted frizz.

    Uptown Funk

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    *Starting at front, behind your ears, take diagonal sections and brush up and forward to create an off-center oval shape that starts at your forehead and ends slightly behind the crown of your head.

    *Secure sections with bobby pins inward. Pins on opposing sides are about 2-3 inches apart.

    *Continue brushing sections up and forward with a soft boar bristle brush.

    *Grab the last section from the nape of your neck and brush upwards.

    *Finish by fluffing and refining curls on top to create desired shape and volume.

    Stay With Me

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    *Create a triangular section at your fringe area, and clip it out of the way.

    *Moving from sides to nape, pin off diagonal sections in two rows.

    *Starting at the nape of your neck, take each section one by one and smooth, and use your index finger to roll under (similar to victory role). Secure on both sides with bobby pins.

    *Repeat up your head.

    *For fringe section, twist under to create shape and secure with a bobby pin on side.

    Dance, Dance

    BuzzFeed Top Knot

    *Create three ponytail sections, off-centered, high on your head.

    *Split each section into two and do basic twists with each, then wrap around your ponytail to create three twisted buns next to each other and secure with hair pins.

    *Smooth edges and add a fun headband.

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