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We Re-Created The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show And It Was So Much Fun

Calling all women.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is an event that happens every year, and the models who walk in the show are often regarded as the most beautiful women on earth.

It's safe to say that there is a Victoria's Secret "type" of model.

The women are usually all cisgender, with long hair (though several models had short hair this year), extremely tall, and of course, thin.

But if you look around you, you'll see the beauty in the everyday woman. So we decided to put on our own fashion show — with women from all shapes and sizes. Here's what happened:

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BuzzFeedYellow / Via

Everyone spent some time getting ~glammed~ up like the VS angels.

Then they had to practice their catwalk strut.

Even though others just said, "Fuck it."

After getting changed, it was finally time for the show to start.

And did they work that runway.


Everyone ended up having a super fun time.

And learned a bit about themselves along the way.

It's no secret: There was some serious fierceness on that runway.


Lingerie: Curvy Couture Intimates

Makeup: Bailey Smith

Makeup: T. Justine Reilly

Hair: Yuichi Ishida