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    Black Women Tried To Find Their Perfect Nude Lipstick And Were Not Impressed

    "This is like choosing between a bunch of fuckboys."

    We wanted to know: Is there a perfect shade of nude lipstick for every skin tone? So we asked six black women to test several nude lipsticks to find their ideal shade.

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    The women began by detailing their experiences finding makeup in the past, and the overall consensus was that it's hard AF.

    Next, each woman tried six "nude" shades. Note: None of the shades that matched their skin were actually called a "nude."

    They weren't exactly impressed by the lack of diversity in the names of the lipsticks.

    But eventually, each woman found a shade they wanted to apply, and some of 'em actually looked pretty damn good.

    But a few ladies had more success than others.

    So what's the verdict on finding a nude lipstick if you're a person of color?

    Of course, this would all be a little less complicated if the makeup industry just started carrying nudes in all skintones.