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World's Most Expensive Burger

It's $295 and comes with a diamond encrusted toothpick.

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Manhattan’s Serendipity 3 restaurant has invented the world's most expensive burger, with a price tag of $295!

The super-deluxe burger, called Le Burger Extravagant, was unveiled on Friday in honor of May’s status as National Hamburger Month.

The meal features a patty of prized Japanese Waygu beef infused with ten-herb white truffle butter and seasoned with Salish Alderwood smoked Pacific sea salt. The meat is topped with cheddar cheese, hand-made and cave-aged for 18 months by famed cheese maker James Montgomery of Somerset, England. As if that were not enough, there are also shaved black truffles, a fried quail egg, a blini, crème fraiche, Kaluga caviar from China and a white truffle-buttered Campagna roll.

To put the sumptuous snack over the top, the burger is pinned down with a solid gold ‘Fleur de Lis’ toothpick encrusted with diamonds, designed by world-renowned jeweler Euphoria New York.

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