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These Women Tried On Their Old Quinceañera Dresses And It Was Awkward

"Look, a barbacoa stain!"

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There is nothing more beautiful than a quinceañera, the coming-of-age celebration when a Latina turns 15 and becomes a full-grown woman:

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However, trying to revisit that magical day by trying on your old quinceañera dress can be quite a horrific experience.

Before trying on their dresses, Jazmin, Yessica, Jenny, and Rocio gave us their initial thoughts about the whole quinceañera tradition:


Finally, it was time to relive the pinnacle of their teenage years by trying on their old quinceañera dresses:


Yessica struggled like hell to get into her dress:


Jenny was concerned about how old it made her feel:


"I wanted to make my parents happy ... Just remembering that I did this, and that my mother did this, and that everybody pulled together to do this ... It truly takes a village to make a quinceañera."

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