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8 Questions Running Through The Mind Of Every Graduating Black College Senior In April

April is the month of preparation for all college graduates. They're planning senior pictures, interviews, traveling and trying to make the most of their last days in college. But society forces Black graduates to have some unique concerns different than other racial groups in America.

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8. Atlanta, DC, LA, Houston or New York? / Via tumblr

Applying to jobs everywhere and not knowing where you're going to end up. We all have dream destinations but not all of them are feasible right after graduation. Checking costs-of-living in your dream city can be disheartening with the reality that you might have to settle for home.

7. Is this out-of-state phone number calling for a job interview or is Sallie Mae on it early?

Twitter / Via Twitter: @JazzieBURR_

"..I don't know anybody from a 718 area code"

All college graduates are dreading that mysterious call from Sallie Mae and hoping for that one from Buzzfeed. Just gotta roll the dice.

6. Will I make enough money to be able to afford Tidal HiFi, pay my rent and feed Sallie Mae? / Via

Let's hope. In 2013, statistics showed that 56% of recent Black college graduates aged 22-27 were forced to work in jobs that didn't even require a college degree...making it a lot harder to pay back student loans and live the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

5. Can Mom ship her homemade cooking overnight? / Via

The recipes just don't...turn out the same when you try them by yourself. Nothing can compare but it's important to kick old college bad habits. You're going to have to put the ramen down and consider healthy eating for your new lifestyle...and budget.

4. Are office discussions of Real Housewives of Atlanta frowned upon?


Everyone's scared of their first workroom experience being a scary one. What if you don't like the culture or the environment? What if everyone seems standoffish? The most important thing is to not compromise yourself and you'll get in where you fit. So yes, you might as well talk about Claudia's feet.

3. Am I not getting callbacks because my name is too "ethnic"?


It's all in a name. According to a recent research study, resumes with "Black" names were 16% less likely to get called in for an interview than their White counterparts for customer based jobs even with the same credentials. This is a real fear for all Black college graduates entering the workforce and those already in it looking for upward mobility.

2. Will my natural hair be considered "unprofessional" and affect me in interviews?


Corporate America - well, America in general - has had a long history with natural hair bias in hiring and retention practices. Be yourself and if your job doesn't like it, another place will. If you want new styles, there are hundreds of websites and videos with suggestions but stay true to yourself!

1. Am I good enough to beat the statistics and become successful?

tumblr / Via

Of course you are. The statistics have always been against you and you've made it this far. The interviews might not be coming in as fast as you want. Your goals might be a little farther out than you imagined but you can are more than enough. Oprah Winfrey once said; "You only have to believe that you can succeed, that you can be whatever your heart desires, be willing to work for it, and you can have it."

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