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14 Pancake Art Masterpieces For #PancakeDay

It's National #PancakeDay. Which means, it's time to clog arteries with maple syrup and your timeline with culinary artistry.

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1. Mickey Mouse Pancake Art

My Recipe Book UK / Via Pinterest

2. The Beatles Pancake Art

Via Womens Health Mag

Don't ask why, ask how?

White Girls Tell You How!

Via Meghan Rienks

3. Twilight Rivalry Pancake Art

4. Musical Instrument Pancake Art

Via Death and Taxes Mag

5. Trees of Instagram Pancake Art

Via ABC News

6. Bob Marley Pancake Art


7. Darth Vader or Hannibal Pancake Art

8. Emoji Pancake Art

Via YouTube

9. Taylor Swift Pancake Art

Via Tech Insider

10. DIY Pancake Art

Via My Pinstrosity Life

11. Sloth Pancake Art


12. My Pancake Art


....I just lost my appetite.

I lied. Now I really have to puke.

Via Food Network

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