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13 Fictional Things From Movies That Would Make Life Easier

The ball is in your court, brilliant scientists with free time.

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2. The Neuralizer from Men in Black

Via Amblin Entertainment

Imagine this. You have a huge report due at work, but you haven't even started it, your boss comes in to fire you, you neutralize that ass, then tell him that you are the new VP of accounting and will be taking a 3 month paid vacation.

4. Auto-Adjusting Clothing from Back to the Future Part II

Amblin Entertainment

Did you gain a few pounds over the holidays? Has that New Year's resolution to be fit been postponed? Well these clothes adjust to your body. They also self dry. Take my money in advance and pass the pizza.


5. Cher's Closet Technology from Clueless

Via Paramount Pictures

This closet picked outfits out for you. Doesn't matter if you are male or female, you need this.

6. The Healing Ointment from The Hunger Games


Move the hell over Neosporin! This is the Rolls Royce of ointments. It cures all, well, maybe not STD's and male pattern baldness, but it's still legit.

7. Pee-wee's Breakfast Machine from Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Aspen Film Society

This bad boy does it all for you. Sure it takes up 80% of your kitchen, but it's still worth it and will save you loads of time. If you're late to work and you have this machine, you are just a terrible employee

8. The Remote Control from Click

Revolution Studios

Hands down this would be the most abused thing on the planet. You would be able to rewind time back to when you were in the best shape of your life. Take that, Throwback Thursday.


11. Tesla's Duplicator from The Prestige

Via Touchstone Pictures

You are creating another YOU. This is the version of you that you can send to jury duty while you sit at home and watch re-runs of Maury.

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