10 "HSMTMTS" Season 2 Things That Have Me Wondering, "What Is Going On With This Show?"

    "If you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule, don't mess with the flow, no, no, no..."

    🚨SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2! You have been warned!🚨

    And warned again, beware!

    1. Beauty and the Beast instead of High School Musical 2

    2. North High STEALING East High's ideas

    character says "our costumes are excellent, why would we try to steal the masks?"

    3. The Menkies, or the lack of

    miss jenn holds an envelope, eyes wide and mouth in a line as if worried

    4. Miss Jenn’s Love Triangle

    5. Gina and EJ's Relationship

    6. Howie and Kourtney

    7. Lily and Ricky

    8. Asher Angel's Guest Star Appearance

    9. "The Rose Song"

    olivia rodrigo sings on a piano

    10. Every. Single. Episode. Cliffhanger.

    a teen dressed as beast holds a rose up to the teen playing belle

    So woah, Wildcats. This season was WACK...

    What were your thoughts on this season? Any theories for season three? Leave a comment down below!

    Ricky makes a comment about musicals to Big Red.