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    • jayw9

      So if your child in high school got caught having sex with their significant other, you’d be cool withalaw enforcement officer puttingagun to their head and killing them?  I’m sure you are speaking for hands-on molesters, but even then most are know to the child, likelyafamily member. How does killingafamily member help the victim? It would actually reduce the number of reported abuses for fear of havingafamily member being killed.  Studies show that stricter laws actually lead toahigher rate of child abuse for the same reason. Law enforcement will never address the problem by arrests. This isasocial issue that needs to be addressed by therapy, for the whole family. The roots often go back generations. Prevention is the best medicine, but there’s no money for that since billions are being spent making sure all sex offenders don’t live close to schools. The fact is, proximity to children is notaleading factor in child abuse. Being familiar isamuch larger factor and is never addressed since 95% of abusers are first (and last) timers.

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