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5 Insane Reality TV Rivalry Throwbacks

After this your own enemies won't seem as bad. Or it might just give you some new ideas on how to deal with them.

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1. The Real World Portland - Nia vs. Avery and Johnny

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This rivalry, and its ultimate showdown, was so large that it drew in viewers that had never watched the series before. It was built up in promos and previews, and the audience eagerly awaited the battle.

The biggest fight between these rivals starts over Nia not cleaning up Avery's dog's poop. Yes, that's right, poop.

Johnny initiates the confrontation by putting a used tissue on Nia, and then pouring a drink on her. She retaliates by clocking him on the head repeatedly. Let's be clear that he was the one that started it.

Nia doesn't let the fight stop there, admittedly taking things a little far when she grabs an old blowdryer to hit him with. However, Avery, who refuses to let Nia hurt her man, literally stands next to her, as she's waiting outside the room that Johnny is in with the aforementioned blowdryer. Rather than confronting her directly, and standing up for her boyfriend like she so heroically claims, she does nothing. It's only after Nia hits him, and turns her back, that Avery finally makes a move.

After being attacked from behind, Nia returns the favor by giving Avery a shudder inducing hit to the back of her head, which ends the physical fighting between these rivals for good.

And the winner is... Nia. She runs them out of the house, after their failed attempt to get her voted out of the house. When it comes down to it, Johnny started it, Avery jumped Nia when she wasn't looking, and then they wanted to play victim after they saw how serious she was. You shouldn't start something that you can't finish.

2. RuPaul's Drag Race (Season 4) - Sharon Needles vs. Phi Phi O'Hara

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The shade has never been more real.

These two drag racers could not have been more opposite. Sharon Needles was a self-proclaimed weirdo, while Phi Phi O'Hara was a fishy, pageant queen.

Eventually their differences got the best of them, and a minor qualm turned into a heated argument. Sharon called Phi Phi a tired showgirl, and Phi Phi told Sharon to go back to Party City, mocking her alternative/gothic look.

The confessionals were full to the brim with unfiltered insults that these two were throwing. They always had something to say about the other.

Sharon and Phi Phi were later forced to work with one another in the "Frenemies" challenge, where each queen was paired with their total opposite to perform a catchy, original song. They didn't do well as a team, and were placed in the bottom two, with each of them blaming the other.

Finally, they were forced to lip sync for their life, which led to one of the fiercest lip syncs of the series. However, due to rule-breaking by a fellow queen, neither Sharon nor Phi Phi were eliminated that night.

Tensions remained between the queens after this showdown, but through RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked, it is clear that even though Sharon and Phi Phi fought frequently, they did truly care about one another. They might be rivals, but they're rivals that care.

And the winner is... Sharon Needles, because (SPOILER) she wins the crown.

3. Jersey Shore - Sammi vs. JWoww

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Clearly Jersey Shore was not popular for its intellectual stimulation. It's hard to really explore the Sammi and JWoww rivalry, because most of the fights just end up with everyone yelling and screaming. It starts with two people, and then grows from there.

In terms of the physical fights it seems like JWoww has more power, but between their two fights neither of them manage to get in any solid hits. And, like with the vocal arguments, people jump in and start grabbing them. Until they fight with no one else around, we'll never truly know who would come out on top.

But, despite no clear cut wins, one girl did earn herself the final victory.

And the winner is... JWoww, because she never left the house. Although Sammi left for multiple reasons, she did, in fact leave because she couldn't handle it anymore.

4. Survivor (Heroes vs. Villains) - Sandra vs. Russell

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The only thing larger than Russell's bald spot is his ego. He spends the entirety of the show telling America how perfect and amazing he is at the game. He views all of his opponents as pawns, while he sees himself as the king. This would be his downfall when it came to his true opponent in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

As a fellow villain, Survivor Pearl Islands' winner Sandra was ready to come in and win a second time. Russell, as usual, underestimated everyone around him. Throughout the season he genuinely believed that Sandra was under his control and that he was calling the shots. He couldn't have been more wrong.

Not only was Sandra playing the game, she was playing him. She manipulated him so easily that it is laughable. She played off his immense ego when she needed to, showing that his gameplay only truly works when he's surrounded by suckers and saps.

He admits in the end that he's bringing her into the final three because he thinks he can beat her for the million dollars. Again... he was wrong. Sandra won, making her the first and only two-time winner. She played him like a fiddle, and all he could do after the fact was complain.

And the winner is... Sandra. No explanation needed.

5. Jon & Kate Plus Eight - Jon vs. Kate

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Watching clips from this show just makes you wonder how these two ever ended up together in the first place. She needs someone who is as robotic, and cold as she is, and he needs someone who is as boring, and sedate as he is.

The downright awkward and tense moments on this show really foreshadow the mess that these two would go through after their short-lived success (which we all know was due to their adorable children in the first place).

And the winner is... Neither of them, because I think we can all agree that there are no winners here.

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