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The Stages Of Telling Your Friends You've Never Seen "The Notebook"

Your friends may go through the five stages of grief, and that's an acceptable reaction.

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It's A Normal Day, Hanging Out With Your Friends.

And Then It Happens. Somebody Makes A Notebook Reference.

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You Laugh, Nervously, Hoping That No One Will Notice.


But Then They Give You The Look.

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Because They Know.

And You Know They Know.

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So You Have No Other Option.

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It's Time To Confess.

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"I Have Never Seen The Notebook."

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* Cue Looks Of Disbelief.

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Some People Do Not Know How To Cope With The Information Given And May Go Through The Five Stages Of Grief.

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* It should be noted that not everyone experiences all five stages or they may experience the stages in no particular order.

1. Denial

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"No. That's Impossible."

There may be some laughter here and you could still be considered a good person with a soul because your friends may not yet realize just how serious you are. I can assure you, this won't last for long.

2. Anger

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Every part of your character will be questioned. It is also important not to take to heart the things being said to or about you at this point. Let them vent.

3. Bargaining

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They're willing to give you another chance. IF you watch the movie with them. They will beg and plead. Nothing is off limits at this point. Stay strong,

4. Sadness

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The lowest point.

5. Acceptance

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This stage involves your friends coming to terms with the inevitable truth. This may take a while and will not come easy. The friendship can only go up from here. There may still be tension from time to time, for example, when a reference to the movie is made and you do not understand, again.

Friendship is more Than Understanding Each Other's Movies References.

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Unless A Friend Does Not Get A Mean Girls Reference. That's Grounds For Termination Of The Friendship.

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