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The Stages Of Telling Your Friends You've Never Seen "The Notebook"

Your friends may go through the five stages of grief, and that's an acceptable reaction.

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Some People Do Not Know How To Cope With The Information Given And May Go Through The Five Stages Of Grief.

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* It should be noted that not everyone experiences all five stages or they may experience the stages in no particular order.

1. Denial

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"No. That's Impossible."

There may be some laughter here and you could still be considered a good person with a soul because your friends may not yet realize just how serious you are. I can assure you, this won't last for long.


5. Acceptance

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This stage involves your friends coming to terms with the inevitable truth. This may take a while and will not come easy. The friendship can only go up from here. There may still be tension from time to time, for example, when a reference to the movie is made and you do not understand, again.

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