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    17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

    So much wisdom at such a young age.

    1. She Is Not Afraid To Say Out Loud What We've Been Thinking To Ourselves For A While Now.

    2. She Never Settles For Subpar Excuses.

    3. She Takes Initiative And Does Her Own Thinking.

    4. When It Comes To Relationships She Sets High Standards And Will Not Settle For Less.

    5. She Has Perfected The Art Of Sass.

    6. She Is A Realist, And In Most Occasions, The Voice Of Reason.

    7. She Recognizes The Benefits Of Honesty In All Situations.

    8. She Knows What She Deserves And Isn't Afraid To Ask For It.

    9. Assertiveness And Confidence Come Naturally.

    10. She Reminds Us To Ask The Tough Questions.

    Even When The Topic May Be Uncomfortable.

    11. She's Not Ashamed Or Embarrassed About What She Wants Out Of Life.

    12. She Is Wise Beyond Her Years.

    13. A Lot Of People Could Benefit From Her Wisdom.

    14. She Knows How To Construct A Good Argument.

    15. She's A Reminder That Even The Best Of Us Have Off-Days.

    16. But Most Importantly, Since Her Birth She's Been Teaching Us How To Be Fabulous.

    17. And That Won't Stop Any Time Soon.