14 Reasons Jenna Maroney From “30 Rock” Is A Role Model To Young Women

Grab a snack, a pen and paper, turn on Netflix, and learn a thing or two from Jenna Maroney.

1. She Was Never Afraid To Speak Her Mind

NBC / Via imgarcade.com

2. She Taught Us The Importance Of Putting The Drama Aside For Something Bigger Than Ourselves

3. She Taught Us To Write Out Our Visions And Make Them Plain

NBC / Via giphy.com

4. She Gave A Step By Step Commentary On How To Command The Attention In The Room

5. She Taught Us Valuable Lessons On Body Image


6. She Always Cut Right To The Chase, With No Regrets

NBC / Via sharegif.com

7. She Gave Us Helpful Tips On Getting Out Of Unbearable Situations

8. She Also Showed Us It’s Never To Early To Start Planning The Future

9. We Learned How To Subtly Get A Man’s Attention

NBC / Via giphy.com

10. And Ultimately Learned How To Keep It


11. She Gave Us Great Insults For Any Occasion

12. She Taught Us The Importance Of Having Class


13. And A Whole Lotta Sass


14. Most Importantly, She Displayed Self-Confidence In Every Way

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