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#ReadingRetro Star Wars (V):

“Tales Of The Bounty Hunters”: "The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett"

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1. "The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett"

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Author: Daniel Keys Moran

This is the one. The first backstory of the galaxy’s most famous Bounty Hunter. Hands down the best of the anthology.

It was also destroyed beyond recognition after an attack by some clones in the prequels.

I’m going to change things up here by giving you the high points of Boba Fett’s original origin story from 1996:

2. Fett's First Backstory

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* Fett's original name was Jaster Mereel.

* Joined the Stormtrooper Corps

* Former Journeyman Protector (Police Officer) of Concord Dawn

* Exiled for Killing another Protector

* Lives by Strict Code of Ethics.

* Refuses to Bed Princess Leia when Jabba Offers Her

* No One Knows where his Mandalorian Armor Came From

* (Spoiler)- Ends with Fett and Han Solo meeting again years after ROTJ. They have a short stand off with blasters. Neither shoots first and they leave in peace.

3. Death by Prequel

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"They didn't tell you to execute the prisoners."

- Fett to the Butcher

The story was controversial because Fett was depicted as a noble man instead of an antagonist as the movies had intended. This backstory, in my opinion, was beautiful. It was far superior to Fett simply being an unaltered clone.

After covering a lot of ground before and during the films it jumped ahead. An older Fett captured the largest bounty in the galaxy on a Nazi-esque character called Kardue'sai'Malloc: the Butcher of Montellian Serat.

Fett put him to death by dropping him in a pit of starving quarra where he was consumed alive. Lucasfilm originally demanded that scene be removed. It was described as a "torture-killing" and they did not find it appropriate for Star Wars.

After a back-and-forth debate it was left in unaltered. Go check out Fett killing space Nazis. Now.

4. Cloned Controversy

Lucasfilm / Via

Even before The Clone Wars had been penned this story referenced cloning. Fett said he would be able to afford a clone leg to replace his damaged one. The "Legacy of the Force" series references this detail ten years later in "Bloodlines." Author Karen Traviss wrote that Fett flew Slave I to Kamino to install his new wheel.

In Ep. II Dex did say in the Diner that the Kaminoans were good cloners. They must offer lifetime warranties.

The price of the entire book is worth it for this original story by Moran. It was so great that writers constantly tried to bring it back into continuity even though Episode II gutted most every aspect:

* Jaster Mereel was retconned as a friend of Jango's and an alias Fett used.

* Fett was connected to the Stormtrooper Corp in Battlefront II. He led an assault against Kamino. (I died many times)

* Then in 2017 the Protectors of Concord Dawn appeared on Star Wars Rebels​

Their roles as corrupted Mandalorians on Disney XD began here in Fett's story!

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