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#ReadingRetro Star Wars:

#ReadingRetroSW: The "Lando Calrissian Adventures" Trilogy

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The Lando Trilogy

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These written relics chronicled the exploits of Lando and his time as the Falcon's owner. The first book "Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu" was on shelves less than two months after "Return of the Jedi" was in theaters.

The Lando trilogy was written by L. Neil Smith and illustrated by William Schmidt. All three were released over the course of 1983 and were less than two-hundred pages per entry.

For the low price of $2.50 per book you could immerse yourself in volumes where the cover artist penned illustrations based on snail mail he may or may not have bothered to open.

Especially when he drew...

Disco Discount Darth

FanPop/CulturalGutter / Via

You have to admire the forceful creative liberties of the artist, Schmidt. His interpretation of the villainous, Rokur Gepta, was featured on the cover of book #2 "Flamewind of Oseon". Smith described Darth Discount as being wrapped in bandages and wearing a turban.

Apparently in the Star Wars galaxy "turban" is a Basic translation of "the Tund in the Iron Mask". On "Flamewind's" cover it appeared as if he added Mandalorian armor on a disco-dancer then scribbled the face of Klytus from Flash Gordon (pictured above).

This discrepancy could be explained by the character's force powers of telepathy and illusions. At one point he captured the mustache-less Lando and his trusty droid Vuffi Raa. He used his invisible torture technique on the scoundrel on-board the worst-named ship in the Galaxy the "Wennis".

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