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#ReadingRetro Star Wars (IV):

“Tales Of The Bounty Hunters” (Episode IV). This 1996 anthology collection gave complex backstories to all the guys who stood next to Boba Fett in that one scene from the “Empire Strikes Back.”

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1. "The Prize Pelt: The Tale of Bossk"

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Author: Kathy Tyers.

Bossk is a reptilian Bounty hunter of the Trandoshan species. Their culture is highly ritualistic. They are lizard-people hunters who are prejudiced against Wookiees in particular.

Racism was a major theme here. Bossk and his people skinned Wookiees and collected their skins. In this adventure he begrudgingly teamed up with a Wookiee hunter named Chen and his human companion Tinian.

By far this was the weakest entry in the anthology. It even contradicted the films which made me suspect Tyers had only seen Empire Strikes Back during its original theater run.

For instance, in the movie the Falcon's hyperdrive was busted. After they escaped the asteroid belt they limped straight to Cloud City. In this story Han and Co. stopped on the way to free Wookiee slaves in between escaping a large space worm and meeting with Lando.

To be fair that may have been an attempt to explain how the Empire beat them to Bespin. It also gave Luke more time at weekend Jedi-Camp on Dagobah with his backpack counselor Yoda.

2. "Of Possible Futures: Tale of 4LOM and Zuckuss"

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Author: M. Shayne Bell

This one was ambitious, I'll give it that much. This story and the Bossk tale were shoved in the middle of the bunch. Much like IG-88 it tried to tackle hard questions of AI and sentience in machines.

The character of Zuckuss was pretty funny. I liked how he referred to himself in the third-person. His breathing apparatus made me think of a cheap way to cash in on Vader's mega stardom with a knock-off version.

4Lom was certainly a "loose cannon" droid. I liked how they defected to the rebellion but had a hard time swallowing the idea that 4-Lom had a vision from the Force that he would one day train in the Jedi Academy.

Apparently Luke did as well. When the Jedi Academy Novel series ran he was noticeably absent from that year's freshman class.

3. Thanks for Reading!

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It should be no surprise that the final review will be dedicated to the bucket-headed Fett alone. What was the original origin of Boba Fett before anyone ever knew he was a clone? Find out next.

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