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#ReadingRetro Star Wars (III):

"Tales Of The Bounty Hunters" (Episode I). This 1996 anthology collection gave complex backstories to all the guys who stood next to Boba Fett in that one scene from the "Empire Strikes Back."

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1. "Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88" / Via

Author: Kevin J. Anderson.

This was the most existential Star Wars I ever read in the 90's. The IG assassin droid line was created by Holowan Laboratories sometimes prior to 15 BBY to be the perfect killing machines.

The IG droids awoke in their lab and immediately gained sentience. They decided the only logical thing to do was take over the galaxy and destroy the organics. Logically, the only means to that end was for them to become highly profitable bounty hunters.

The droids were destroyed by Boba Fett one by one until the last IG-88 downloaded its mind into Death Star II.

This was one of the hokiest additions to the EU and I can't even recall another time it was referenced. The last IG's mind was destroyed almost as soon after it became aware inside the second doomed super-weapon.

2. "Payback: The Tale of Dengar"

Wookieepedia / Via

Author: Dave Wolverton

All of these stories revolved around Boba Fett in some way and Dengar was no exception. Dengar also hated Han Solo because the smuggler had once cheated in a speeder bike race by flashing exhaust vents in his face.

Han's dick move resulted in him crashing. The Empire put him back together again like a deranged Humpty Dumpty. They removed the empathy and softer emotions from his brain to make him into a killing machine.

I am so glad I read this book as a child.

This was actually a notable story in that it detailed Fett's escape from the sarlacc. Dengar found the bounty hunter in the Dune Seas of Tatooine and nursed him back to health.

After nearly strangling his rival they decided to be BFFs and Dengar asked the future Mandalore to be the best man at his wedding. It probably made for some excellent holo-recordings.

3. Thanks for Reading!

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In Episode II I will look at the other three anthology stories as soon as I remember the other two besides Fett. See you then.

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