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    6 Mind-Blowing Reasons Steve Urkel Birthed Star Trek!

    For all Trekkies and fans of the 90's please enjoy and consider my fan theory. Here I will prove that Family Matters' Steve Urkel was a character in a long-running Star Trek Prequel! The evidence is easy to see when you realize that:

    1. Steve Urkel lived in the 1990's of the Star Trek Universe!

    ABC/ Paramount / Via Pinterest

    Urkel's show Family Matters began as a standard half-hour of family entertainment that focused on an African-American family. It was meant to be a "working class" version of the Cosbys. This plan for the Perfect Stranger's spin-off had been so intentional that in the first season they hired the actor originally meant to play a male "Rudy Huxtable" to guest star as a one-off nerd in an episode about Laura Winslow trying to find a date to a school dance.

    After an appearance by the hilarious Jaleel White as Steve Urkel, however, the show's format quickly became centered around his wacky antics and science experiments.

    As the "days go by", the show's ratings spiked faster than the Enterprise crew's feelings of inadequacy when Orion slave girls came aboard. The show's creators even retconned existing Family Matters history long before J.J. Abrams made it cool. New Urkel segments were shot to put in old episodes from before White had even been cast!

    Family Matters ended its run in 1998. By that time it had become solely dedicated to Urkel's inventions straight from science fiction. The increasingly ridiculous path of the program and Urkel's scientific progress could have been just a grab for ratings in the competitive 1990's television market.

    But due to my eye for details and useless trivia (and the fact I had spent too much time as a kid watching television on Friday nights.) I have decided to prove there was an unrevealed Urkel plot twist that even the later season writers would have seen as ridiculous. Or just too expensive to have acquired the rights to pursue.

    In-universe everything about Urkel's specific scientific breakthroughs and their placement in the 1990's timeline changes when you consider that:

    2. Urkel's Breakthroughs were Starfleet Tech

    ABC/ Paramount / Via

    On the 1998 series finale of Family Matters Steve Urkel achieved national fame and ushered in a new era of space travel. The cheese-eating prodigy launched into space with NASA and successfully tested the first anti-gravity machine for future five-year missions.

    This ended Family Matters. But it was Urkel's first entry as told by Majel Barrett's voice in Star Trek History! This is because in 1998 Urkel had invented the anti gravity technology that made every Star Trek series possible from Enterprise to Voyager. (Urkel accepts no responsibility for the quality of either series).

    Urkel's anti-gravity being invented in the late 90's perfectly fits the Star Trek timeline. The Enterprise crew confirmed that pre-warp space shuttles of the late 90's already had anti-gravity technology: The most famous of which was the DY class Botany Bay .

    That means the Botany Bay had launched shortly after Urkel's successful anti-gravity beta testing. On Star Trek: The Original Series,, Scotty even confirmed the derelict craft had been built on earth and ran on old "atomic power".

    When the away team arrived aboard looking for 20th century women to impress they found the anti-gravity tech continued to function centuries later.

    Urkel's anti-gravity machine made him responsible for advancements in countless fields of study. In 2269 the cloud city of Stratos was built by the Ardanans. The incredible achievement of anti-gravity study and architecture also took home the Alpha Quadrant's Award for Most Obvious Name.

    Spock described the amazing floating city of segregation as:

    "The finest example of sustained anti-gravity elevation I have ever seen."

    (Star Trek, TOS: The Cloud Minders)

    If Urkel had lived to see the city we can infer his response would have been something along the lines of:

    "Did I do that!?"- Steve Urkel, (1989-1998)

    The anti-gravity machine of the series' finale was actually pretty boring compared to what Urkel had invented in previous episodes. If you managed to watch the future Urkel historical records in the 23rd century then you already knew:

    3. Urkel Invented the Transporter in 1996!

    ABC/ Paramount / Via

    I don't care if it was in 1996 Chicago or the Enterprise J in the 24th century: living beings should not use the transporter. Bones and Barkley were right to hate and mistrust this tech. For centuries I imagine Starfleet personnel probably harbored a deep resentment of its inventor: Steve Urkel.

    This is because the first transporter, dubbed the Urk-Pad, was invented and (involuntarily) tested on a human by Urkel in 1996.

    In this episode, Carl unwittingly had his molecules destroyed and rebuilt in Paris, France to facilitate a wacky two-parter. Instead of the beloved Reginald "Plays a Cop" VelJohnson's regular character, a new Carl Winslow with the same memories and life experiences emerged from the other transporter. Carl and the viewers remained blissfully ignorant of his death. And so did everyone else who made use of the transporter tech for travel in later decades.

    For more on that, I already presented my findings of the transporter's widespread availability by 2016 in my Fuller House (also a Star Trek Prequel) fan theory article here:

    7 Reasons Fuller House Was Made Possible By Steve Urkel

    Based on later events in Star Trek we can conclude transporter accidents and other concerns prohibited the transportation of organics sometime after 2016. It lasted all the way until 2151 as Starfleet still held a ban on organic transportation before the launch of the Enterprise Warp-5 ship. When they were finally approved for use on a human crew no one on that Enterprise wanted so much as to step inside the death trap!

    Star Trek anti-gravity machines and transporters were as mundane in the 23rd century as electric lamps were to the Winslow clan in the late 20th. This was because Urkel had invented the teleporters so far in the past. Geordi La Forge had also said on TNG in 2369 that the basis for a transporter had remained unchanged for two centuries! Assuming that Geordi was speaking generally that means Urkel's design was the standard for Transporters from 1996-2379 and beyond!

    Providing the quadrant with transporters and a job for Chief O'Brien wouldn't be the only Starfleet contribution from Urkel. Because:

    4. Steve Urkel's Inventions Built the Federation!

    ABC/ Paramount / Via

    # Urkel invented Artificial Intelligence in 1991!

    In the episode, Robo-Nerd, Urkel created "Urkel-Bot" to help benefit mankind through artificial intelligence. Steve immediately declared his robot could converse, think, and moon walk on his own. The Soong Foundation would later develop the same technology in 2338 with the android Data and his positronic siblings. Data spent years seeking to learn about human behaviors and feel emotions.

    But Urkel-Bot felt emotions the first day he was activated! The pop-and-lock discount RoboCop immediately fell in love with Laura Winslow.

    "I chose to believe that I was a person, that I had the potential to become more than a collection of circuits and sub-processors." Data- 2369

    "Forget it cutie....I'm much better looking and 4000x smater."- Urkel Bot-1991

    # Time Travel!

    In 1997 Urkel also developed time travel in the episode, A Pirate's Life for Me. Out of universe, this was the last original episode broadcast by ABC even though it took place before the space flight finale. This anomaly quickly alerted the Department of Temporal Investigations of Urkel's prime directive violation.

    Time travel became a staple of the Federation and Starfleet operations. By the 23rd century, Starfleet even engaged in routine missions in the past. Most famously time travel allowed James T. Kirk to purposefully travel back in time to find a species of whale that had gone extinct by the 23rd century because unfortunately Blackfish was never released in this timeline.

    (Another article will explain how a transporter botch and time duplicate from this film may have inadvertently created the series Seventh Heaven with shared star: Catherine Hicks)

    The 20th century was obviously important in Star Trek's future because every crew traveled there. The culture, music, and trappings of this time period are so integral to the Federation because it gave birth to the inventor of all the amazing devices that made the utopia future possible.

    Urkel's innovations however also carried a dark legacy. The clandestine seizure of his most well-known invention in 1995 meant that:

    5. Urkel was Oppenheimer of the Eugenics Wars

    ABC/ Paramount / Via

    Urkel experimented with the science of playing god when he manipulated his DNA to transform into different people. All of his incarnations were augmented on a genetic level with enhanced characteristics. The multiplied cool genes of Stefan Urquelle in particular were made possible by Urkel's transformation chamber that he invented in 1993.

    Star Trek's Eugenics Wars and its atrocities of the 1990's were the strongest evidence I found for Urkel's existence in the past of this universe. This was due to the fact that Urkel first augmented his DNA during the same years as the Eugenics Wars were waged. (1992-1996)

    The timing of the dramatic leap forward in eugenics studies is too great to be a coincidence. The Transformation Chamber led to many episodes of on-screen laughs. It also made the lovable Urkel responsible for engineering living weapons of war that spurred a holocaust on par with the Third Reich. He may as well have birthed Hitler himself. The writers probably would have actually considered that pitch if Family Matters had limped on for another season.

    Star Trek history recorded the conquests occurred in the 90's and killed up to thirty million people on the Asian continent. Meanwhile Urkel continued to eat cheese and pine for Laura in the Windy City, blissfully unaware of his invention's use on the other side of the planet.

    This was possible because the Transformation Chamber was public knowledge in 1995. This was just in time for the years of the Eugenics War's highest body count. This was also not a coincidence. Urkel morphed into Stefan Urquelle before a scientific review panel at Disney World. When questioned on the validity of his device Urquelle proved through DNA testing that he was an entirely different person.

    From there I can speculate how the technology found its way across the globe to the eugenics forces. Most likely, the transformation chamber, schematics, and formula were intercepted when they had passed through India in-transit to Florida. In the Disney World episodes the chamber actually malfunctioned and Stefan had blamed the shippers for breaking his port-a-potty of genetic horrors.

    Perhaps it was not faulty shipping. Based on what happened next it is more likely his invention had been examined. Then worst of all it was duplicated. Which means:

    6. Urkel made KHAN!!!

    ABC/Paramount / Via

    Khan Noonien Singh was an infamous tyrant who was still reviled even in the 24th century. The augmented dictator subjugated many to death and a new dark age of genetic superiority. The Wars mercifully ended in the late 90's with Khan finally beaten. We know he put himself and his genetic superior soldiers into exile aboard the previously mentioned spacecraft Botany Bay.

    To swap universes for a moment, the circle is now complete. Khan used Urkel's stolen transformation chamber to enhance his genes and had nearly conquered the world. Then he escaped his personal Nuremberg trials via a spaceship with artificial gravity.

    A spaceship made entirely possible by Urkel's invention from the first point.

    Khan hibernated on-board for centuries and lived to fight another day. It was only because of Urkel technology in the 90's that he received his chance at a comeback. After he met Captain Kirk and the Enterprise in 2267 and 2285*. In both appearances he acted like Napoleon freshly-escaped from Elba. Khan always looked towards conquest over the Federation and personal vengeance against Kirk.

    On the latter occasion he came very close to destroying the earth as well as the Enterprise crew. Even though he got better later, the legendary Spock was a casualty of these plans. The Federation passed laws against genetic modification based on Khan alone. As a result I would speculate any future Transformation Chambers or resulting racist street fights were banned for as long as until 2373 and beyond.

    My theory has now revealed all of Khan's actions were made possible by a skinny nerd in the 90's who decided to improve himself. Urkel changed his very genetic makeup just for the hope that he would seduce the daughter of his next-door neighbor and cop. Laura Winslow surely had multiple restraining orders on him by that point. Urkel would have required his many identities for the new fingerprints and hair samples provided by the Chamber. It would have gone a long way to clear him of outstanding stalking charges.

    Urkel's inventions improved the world and ultimately led to a utopia. But much like Werner Von Braun, Robert Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, and others, the unintended consequences of his deified science led to death and suffering.

    In the larger context of Star Trek history Urkel facilitated a holocaust that never would have passed the censors for ABC on Friday night's TGIF. Netflix, please consider this article whenever you plan the inevitable Family Matters continuation series for a "grittier" reboot of the 90's favorite underdog hero!

    *Author's Note: Alternate timelines do not (red) matter!*

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