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Dear Mr. Trump, How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

An open letter to the President elect.

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It's OK, we know.

By now, it seems clear to me and many other Americans that after the election, your original plan was to launch a “mini-media conglomerate” that would spread your message, with no barriers, to the public.

How did we figure it out?

It’s why you were surprised when you won on election night. It’s why your son-in-law, Jared Kushner, made a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group to air one-on-one interviews in select markets across the country, without commentary, during your presidential campaign. It’s why you haven’t held a press conference since July 27th. It’s why you called the media out as “biased,” “sad,” and “crooked” back then, and still do, despite the fact that you provide a press pool at all your rallies, and you appear on TV to do interviews. It’s a reason — though I suspect not the only one — why you bash with lightning speed any media outlet on Twitter that says or does anything you disapprove of, while not disavowing violent actions carried out by some of your more extreme supporters until you are asked directly and repeatedly to do so. It’s a reason — though maybe not the only one — you named Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist for your administration. You need your supporters to see you forcefully questioning existing media outlets’ value, and at the same time have the media record and broadcast your message for maximum coverage.

And in more good news...

If this communications strategy is accurate, then things are going very well for you so far. As an added perk of your surprise win, you’ll also have control of the state-run TV network, in addition to all the other communication methods and channels your team has today.

But here comes the bad news.

When you are President of the United States, what you do and say will have dramatically higher consequences than if you remained a private citizen. Even before you take office, your refusal to support bipartisan investigation of Russia’s hacking into our political institutions because it is “ridiculous” could undermine American self-sovereignty and our democracy irrevocably. Your refusal to divest from your companies could result in America getting into political or actual battles across the world, and no one would ever know if those battles are serving US interests, or those of you and your family. Your unwillingness to actively participate in the grand majority of Presidential Daily Briefings could result in an unnecessary number of Americans injured and dead in body bags, both here and abroad, starting January 20, 2017.

Based on your words and actions to date, I don’t believe these negative outcomes are something you actually want for the USA. It seems to me the truth is much more uneventful and straightforward — you’re a shoot-from-the-hip businessman that wants to carve out as much success as he possibly can.

Here's what you are risking:

Your legacy in history risks being seriously tainted because of the extremely high level of responsibility that comes with being POTUS. Because the Russians hacked the election, and because keeping your stakes in your businesses is in violation of the Constitution, a large chunk of the country will remind each other and you, every day, that your presidency is illegitimate. No amount of money resulting from oil drilled from the Arctic Circle, or foreign dignitaries staying in your DC hotel, will change that. Also, any appearances to undermine American self-sovereignty, democracy, equality, and interests, even those you do not intend, will be met with an increasingly loud outcry from those unified in resistance. The US has proven time and time again it refuses to be frakked with, in the face of anything it perceives as a threat.

It’s a lot to deal with. Unfortunately, if something bad happens while you’re “away” from your POTUS desk to talk to Kanye or whoever, the buck will still stop at you. And those notes will get added to the song that is Donald J. Trump.

If you're not sure, you have little time but carry a golden ticket.

So I ask you — do you really want to risk your and your family’s legacy so greatly? If I am right, and what you ultimately want is to be remembered for great success, fame, and being a voice of (some of) the people, you have a no-risk option to do that. One that will eliminate your Constitutional violation problem, foreign relations problem, curtail domestic outcries (eventually), and get you out of this level of responsibility.

But seriously, you'll have to act right now.

Please do whatever best upholds your reputation, and request the Republican Electoral College members vote for another Republican candidate to be President tomorrow.

Then, you could do what you planned all along — call the system rigged, take your large number of followers and use their support to jumpstart a media conglomerate, and continue and start new deals for your family businesses around the world unimpeded. Your brand is the hottest it’s ever been, after all.

Thanks for your time and consideration.


Jayne Spottswood

Proud US Citizen

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