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Wuthering Heights Relevance Today

How the Bronte novel still is relevant to today's love.

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1. Catherine chooses a better life over love

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Even though Catherine said that her and Heathcliff were the same soul, and basically were meant to be together, she couldn't be with him. Why? She knew that Heathcliff didn't have a great life and if they got together they would be homeless, so she sacrificed her love for giving them a better life. This is relevant to today because people still deal with the struggle of, "do I do it for love, or a decent life?" There are different ways to look at this situation, but Catherine choose to ditch her soulmate so she didn't have to live on the street, what would you do?

2. Sacrifices for Love

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Number one brings me here... do we do it for love or money? Of course, they both have sacrifices. Catherine sacrifices true love for money, but she could have sacrificed money for true love. In today's world this hits home because some might have to give up something for love, like family or a job. People might even hurt prior relationships to be with the one they love.

3. Class


In the United States this isn't really a parallel but we can think of it as money too. Catherine didn't marry Heathcliff because he was of lower class. Today people who make more money usually don't marry those who make less money for the fear of them taking it

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