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5 Halloween Costume Ideas That Won’t Break Your Student Budget

With Halloween fast approaching and your first student loan instalment quickly dwindling, stretching your student budget to accommodate Halloween may seem impossible, but having a good costume doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Here are 5 costume ideas that will have you looking Halloween ready for little to no cost.

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2. Living dead


With this money saving idea all you need is your normal outfit, a palette of face paint and your imagination (or a Youtube video or two). Dress as you normally would and paint your face to look like a ghost, dead person or zombie. Simple! If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could tear up some old clothes for that extra destressed walking dead look.

3. Skeleton


Another simple, cost-cutting costume idea needing black clothes and face paint. Simply dress all in black and paint on a skeleton face. How simple or complicated you make your skeleton design is up to you. Again, if your ever stuck for ideas there are some excellent bloggers and Youtubers on hand on the net to give you some inspiration and instruction.

4. Mummy


So this idea is a little more time consuming and complicated than our other costume ideas but is still cheap as chips if you have some old white bed sheets or cloth knocking about. For this idea we think it’s best to wear white clothes underneath. All you need then is to cut the sheet in large bandage size pieces length ways (to make them as long as possible). Next wrap them round your arms, legs and torso. Ensure that you’re covered from head to toe and use small safety pins to secure the bandages and voila! There you have it! Your very own mummy outfit.

5. Ancient Greek


Finally, if you don’t fancy spending ages cutting up an old bed sheet, why not use your bedsheet to make a toga? Pair it with a pair of sandals or strappy sandals and you’ll look like a Greek god or goddess for a fraction of the price.

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