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20 Awesome Things About Living On The Upper West Side Of Manhattan

Being young and single on the Upper West Side of Manhattan gets you a lot of flack from friends. But the UWS is awesome for so many reasons.

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20. Being the most in-shape in a pre-natal fitness class (as a male)

19. Some stores disallow strollers like they disallow pets

18. Designated "Shabbos Goy" in each building

17. The supermarket wars between Zabar's, Trader Joe's and Fairway

16. Friends won't visit you because you live north of 42nd Street

15. Having a 778 acre backyard I never have to mow

14. Buying Lincoln Center symphony tickets, but skipping it because you got distracted at Loehmann's

13. Knowing we're really better than the Upper East Siders

12. Off-duty yellow cabs will always take you home because it's on their way to taxi parking lots in Queens

11. Arguments over the northern borders of the Upper West Side (it really is 110th Street!)

10. The tourists haven't yet figured out there is a Century 21 on the Upper West Side too

9. Lots of cat ladies and therapists (many cat ladies who happen to be therapists)

8. Hearing Columbia University students complain that their subway stop isn't on the express line

7. Because the rent stabilized neighbors have summer homes and cars in parking lots and may die soon

6. Rewards for finding lost strollers

5. We're the only people that know that there is a Riverside Drive AND a Riverside Boulevard

4. Not only do we have mice in our subways, but we have dinosaurs

3. We always have electricity during NYC blackouts

2. 80% chance of coming home to a Law & Order episode being filmed on your block

1. There are no Republicans on the Upper West Side

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