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    • jaylee85

      any type of breed can be or turn out to be a “bad breed”.. a lot comes with owning a dog.. you teach your dog to be just like YOU!.. if you’re aggressive, your dog will be aggressive.. if you’re nurturing, your dog will be nurturing.. if you’re submissive, you’re dog will be submissive.. if you’re loving and caring, so will your dog.. BUT a dog can turn on you just humans turn on humans.. here’s an article for anybody who discriminates or judges or is bias against the pit bull breed.. http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/virtual-pet-behaviorist/dog-behavior/truth-about-pit-bulls .. READ IT!! did you know that cops use pit bulls as their “police dog” in states around the USA?! not just shephards.. meeting a dog is just like meeting a new person.. DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!! being judgmental, it makes you look like an idiot.. I’m a pit bull owner and yes my dog has his bad days, but that don’t make him a nasty dog.. a few months ago, my dog got chased down TWO chihuahuas.. tail tucked between his legs running back to me.. now somebody who be so hesitant would be scared for their “little babies” but NO.. my dog was the victim.. a 85 pound male pit bull.. go figure!.. DONT BULLY MY BREED! listen to nothing you hear and half of what you see and until you see now a days, how people who are owners of pit bulls (and the more “aggressive/submissive” breeds), PIPE DOWN, cause you know NOTHING! yeah yeah, don’t blame the breed, blame the owner and I agree because that’s how pit bulls got their “name” but I’m calling BULLS**T because like I said! I’m a pit bull owner and my dog thinks he’s a freaking cat! I taught my dog very well how to behave.. now what I can say is if you judge MY DOG, then you’re judging ME as well because I am his owner and to judge me, you wouldn’t know me from a chip of paint on a wall.. so before you “point fingers” and gasp “OMG A PIT BULL”, remember, words of wisdom, you got THREE fingers still pointing back at yourself, so what does that make you?! BITTER!! life is short, don’t die being an erratic jerk.. be open minded.. and for all the pit bull owners out there who don’t use their dogs as bait, keep up the good work, our dogs “bad name” will come to an end with all the negativity sooner or later.

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