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Can Anyone Help My Cookie? Her Eye Is About To Go Blind And What Could I Do?

Dear Reddit community, My name is Jay, and I have a very dear friend whose beautiful cat Cookie needs her left eye removed immediately, or she could die. I have attached photos of Cookie here: ones of Cookie before her eye went blind and another of Cookie's eye now. The procedure is extremely costly, and then there must be a biopsy to see if she has cancer or other diseases. If she has cancer, there will be extensive treatments afterward. My friend recently lost her other cat, Gina, which she rescued. She had spent a considerable amount of money on veterinary bills. The untreated hyperthyroidism advanced beyond damage to Gina's heart and eventually affected all other organs. The kidneys took the hit and became unable to function anymore, and then she suffered beyond belief. Due to lacking the finance to get Gina proper treatments, she died with much pain and miserableness. And this had added huge financial burden on my friend’s shoulders. The current invoice for the surgery is about $4283.20 (not including transportation, biopsy, and necessary medications afterward), and the veterinarian said it cannot be postponed anymore. Cookie needs to get the surgery ASAP. So I am humbly asking you to donate anything. Anything would be greatly appreciated. All funds will go towards her surgery. Please contact for more information. For more details, please have a look at our campaign: Thank you so so so much.

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Cookie with her healthy eyes

Cookie with her one blind eye

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