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    I Called It Last Year, This Canadian Rapper Will Blow Up!!

    Over a year ago I wrote a story about a Canadian rapper named Jay Honest. A year later, that artist is making waves in the industry!

    Jay Honest - Canadian Rapper/Singer/Songwriter/Father

    Jay Honest / Via

    Recently reaching his 1 million milestone on Spotify after releasing his extremely powerful, emotional Debut album entitled ''Beautiful Misery'' , Jay is back on his A game and ready to deliver banger after banger in 2020.

    Jay Honest / Via

    Read the heartbreaking caption he released days before his album went live!

    The Album Now Sits At Over 200000 Streams Since January 13th 2020

    New Heat On The Horizon!!

    Jay Honest / Via

    We all know how Jay is by now, always giving us a wide range of variety when it comes to his music, but eventually, always coming back to deliver another quick single that keeps us moving. That single, is ''Furnace'' Produced by CashMoneyAP, and even featuring a lil intro cameo from Atlanta's own Rich The Kid!!

    This hit single Jay described to me as ''What I Come Up With In 5 Minutes'' , is honestly jam packed with hidden meanings, amazing production, and such a catchy energetic flow with bars that were sure to catch him some attention.

    From his line ''No Cocaine In My Nose, Got Big Dreams, High Hopes'' Jay shows us once again he is against the ''Drug Music'' that has been embedded in music culture. Further boasting his self production and promotion on the song he mix and mastered himself, ''look at the way that you sounding... it ain't astounding... NAH, you're dropping your music but ain't no one found it'' ,Furnace reached 60000 streams in its first month alone, combined with Superstar and his Debut Album, that would mean a collective of over 300000 streams in the first month of 2020 alone!!!

    Jay has announced a few new singles including ''In The Bag (Run Up)'' & ''ZAMA'' featuring Sheddy Empire from Nairobi, Kenya , Jay mentioned to us that he raps in Italian English & Swahili on this single!!! The release dates are May 22nd and June 6th respectively.

    Are we looking at the next up n' coming Canadian artist? I think so!!

    Capital Heat - Spotify Playlist

    Be sure to check out Jay's Spotify Playlist ''Capital Heat'' which at this current time has over 12000 followers!! Making it the biggest Spotify playlist in his city, Ottawa, Ontario.

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