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15 Shows That Feature LGBTQ+ Characters That Will Make You Laugh

Looking for funny shows with good LGBTQ+ representation? Look no further!

1. Abbott Elementary

A screenshot from the pilot of the show, showing a group of eleven staff members (mostly teachers) from Abbott Elementary standing outside in front of a school bus.

2. Shrill

A screenshot from the third season of the show depicts main character Annie's best friend and roommate, Fran, a Black Lesbian in an embrace with her nonbinary partner, Em. Em is smiling, about to kiss Fran up against a white brick wall outdoors.

3. One Day At A Time

A screenshot of Elena Alvarez and her partner, Syd in the season 4 premiere of the show. The two are in the living room of the apartment, kissing. Syd has one arm around Elena with their hand in her hair, and Elena has Syd's face in her hands.

4. Home Economics

A screenshot from the pilot shows Sarah Hayworth and her wife, Denise in their apartment. They are both smiling, Denise is looking behind her, her hand on Sarah's shoulder, Sarah is facing forward, her hand on Denise and looking in the same direction.

5. Schitt's Creek

In a screenshot from the season finale, David Rose, wearing a sweater with a rainbow heart with the word "LOVE", smiles down at his fiancé, Patrick. David has both hands on Patrick's shoulders, Patrick is looking up at David, only his profile visible.

6. Broad City

A screenshot from the show's finale shows Ilana and Abby on the Brooklyn Bridge. Ilana is smiling with her hands folded on the side of the bridge, looking over at Abby, who is looking out at the water, her hair blowing in the wind behind her.

7. Derry Girls

In a screenshot from the pilot, the show's central five characters are on a bus to school, all in school uniform. From left to right sit Michelle, Orla, Erin, James and Clare.

8. Feel Good

This screenshot from the shows first season shows main character Mae in front of their laptop, looking to the side with a brown blanket over their head, their short blonde hair sticking out over it. Their mouth is slightly open and they look anxious.

9. We Are Lady Parts

In a screenshot from the season 1 finale, Amina, a Muslim woman wearing a red hijab, looks content on stage playing electric guitar with her band, who are not in frame.

10. Sort Of

11. The Other Two

A screenshot of Cary and Brooke walking down the street in the middle of the day, looking a bit of a mess. Cary is in pyjamas, his hair a mess and carrying two large packs of toilet paper, Brooke has her hair tied back and is in gym attire.

12. Everything's Gonna Be Okay

In a screenshot from the finale, the three siblings sit on a bench in a subway station in New York. From left to right are Matilda, Nicholas and Genevieve. Matilda is looking down at a book in her lap, and Nicholas is offering Genevieve dental floss.

13. The Sex Lives of College Girls

In a screenshot of the pilot, central character and closeted Lesbian Leighton Murray kisses her latest hookup against a bedroom wall.

14. Grace and Frankie

A screenshot of Grace and Frankie walking arm-in-arm. It is hark outside and Grace is smiling, Frankie is talking. They are both looking to the right.

15. Superstore